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DIY Guide: How to Install a Window

DIY Guide: How to Install a Window


Thinking of replacing those old windows? Do you prefer to do the job on your own rather than hire a professional? Check out this guide for step by step tips on how to install a window.

Those who prefer professional windows replacement and installation should consult their local windows and doors company for a quote for the process. But for those who are skilled at DIY projects, simply follow this handy guide!

Follow These Steps When Installing New Windows:

Measure for the new window. It is best to measure at least twice to ensure that you are getting an accurate measurement. Any incorrect measurements will slow down the process, as you will have to reorder the correct size window unit.

Measure the rough opening width at the bottom, top, and middle of the unit as well as the middle and sides for height. 

  1. Order new windows. You can order your windows online or consult your local windows and entry doors manufacturer. They can advise you as to what window design and material are best suited for your home and your needs. 
  2. When the new windows arrive, give yourself time to install them and clear the area to ensure your safety.
  3. Using a pry bar, carefully remove the existing window jamb extension and trim from the old window. 
  4. Remove the window and guide track by unscrewing the window from the window jamb, taking care not to break the window glass.
  5. Prep the window opening by first inspecting to see if there is any structural or other damage. Make any necessary repairs before installing the new unit.
  6. Inspect the window stop and replace it if needed. The window stop is located near the side exterior of the window jamb and is used to hold the window in place.
  7. Dry fit the window to make sure that it is the proper size. If it does not fit, make the necessary adjustments and do a second dry fitting. If properly fitted, it should fit snugly into the window opening. Repeat as needed until the window is properly fitted. 
  8. To install the window, on the window stop on the inside edge, run a bead of silicone and then carefully put the window in place. Ensure that the window is properly level, press cedar shims at the window jamb and frame bottom by placing a level on the top. Screw two screws in the pre-drilled holes on each side 
  9. Apply insulation to any gaps between the wall studs and window frame. 
  10. Add the trim molding and extension jambs. 
  11. Paint the window trim, add any finishing touches, and install hardware.

Should you need any further assistance with how to install a window, contact TotalHome Windows and Doors. We can guide you through the process or complete the installation for you as part of your window replacement. Call us today for a free in-home consultation and quote. We can help you chose the best style of windows for your home and advise you as to which windows are the best at energy efficiency.

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