Decided to replace old doors but not sure whether to select the same material or change it this time? Well, no look further for assistance. This article is going to answer your problem.

With the advancement in technology and growing customer needs, door manufacturers have started to produce different types of doors according to the needs of the home. They are not only capable of adding aesthetic appeal to the home but can also make it energy efficient and comfortable for the inhabitants to live a happy life.

Among the various available door types, fiberglass doors Toronto have turned out to be the best option as they have a lot of benefits to offer. Unlike other door types, fiberglass doors do not rust or steel like steel doors and even, do not rot or warp like wooden doors. They also do not need much maintenance and can enhance energy efficiency, durability and curb appeal of the home.

You are not convinced, right? Then, let’s have a look at the following comparison that will let you understand why fiberglass doors Toronto should be preferred.

Fiberglass Doors Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Energy Efficient: They are capable of offering four times higher insulation, which is equal to R-value of wood
  • Minimal Maintenance: Since they do not rot, warp, rust or dent, you do not have to be so much concerned about their maintenance
  • Smooth finish and wood-grain look: You can paint or stain them in whatever color or texture you want.
  • Warmth and inviting feel: They look like real wood doors, thus giving a unique look to the home.


There are no limitations on fiberglass doors in Toronto.

Steel Doors Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Energy Efficient: They are good insulators
  • Maintenance: Need maintenance according to the environment as if, you are living in an area where, there is a lot of dirt and debris, it may affect their performance. They do not rot or warp like wood.
  • They are less expensive


  • They can be easily scratched and dented that lead to rusting
  • You can only paint steel doors, not stain them
  • Because they can conduct temperature, the doors can become warm or cold

Wooden Doors Advantages and Disadvantages


  • They can be painted or stained and with their beautiful wood grain look, the home will look amazing
  • Offer feel and inviting feel
  • If scratched, they can be easily repaired


  • Unlike fiberglass doors Toronto, you have to keep a regular check on their condition and performance. Finish starts to fade after a certain time period and therefore, re-finishing should be done in every one or two years
  • Not energy efficient compared to steel and fiberglass doors Toronto
  • Can absorb moisture, causing the finish to bubble or peel

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