Making Decision For A Satisfactory Windows Replacement Toronto Project


Making Decision For A Satisfactory Windows Replacement Toronto Project

During winters, drafty and old windows are always the reason of increased energy bills as they become inefficient in maintaining inside temperature and always let hot air to escape from the home. This problem usually leads to less comfort and rise in energy consumption. So, with changing environmental conditions, homeowners have realized the importance of energy efficiency and started to demand such components that can help them in reducing energy cost. Though, there are some people who are unaware of this feature and even, don’t possess enough knowledge to make the right decision. So, in order to consider energy efficiency while purchasing windows, it is necessary to understand it first.

Energy efficiency is normally associated with home improvement and the components installed in a property, particularly windows and doors. In windows replacement Toronto project, homeowners should have to know that it is measured by U-factor that ranges between 0.15 and 0.30. The ideal situation is when the windows show lowest value, meaning that they can retain maximum heat. Experts have mentioned that the ideal value should be no more than 0.26, especially when they are living in areas that have harsh weather conditions.

To make things more clear, let’s have a look at the energy efficient windows available in the market:

Windows Having Multiple Glass Panes

When it comes installing windows that have multiple panes, it is recommended to choose one of the following:

  • Double-pane windows: The window type is filled with an inert gas and offers greater energy efficiency than single-pane units.
  • Triple-pane windows: If homeowners want maximum energy efficiency, nothing could be better than having triple pane windows. They have lowest possible U-factor, meaning that there is less energy loss. However, the thing to remember is that they are quite expensive than other available components and homeowners would have to spend additional $50 to $200 for each window.

Glass Panes Filled With An Inert Gas

In order to ensure insulation in windows, most of the manufacturers add an inert gas (mostly Argon). Since it is colorless, natural and non-toxic, homeowners do not have to be worried about its side effects. So, to derive maximum benefits from the windows replacement Toronto project, people should have to consider this feature.

Energy Star Certification

Some people are concerned about inside temperature while, some want to enjoy cool breeze. Whatever be the preference, why is it always necessary to pay extra insulation cost when there are better options available? Here are the cost effective yet suitable options:

  • U-factor: that should be from 0.15 to 0.26
  • Air infiltration: it is basically a measure of amount of air leakage through the windows. It has to be 0.05 or lower.
  • Solar heat gain co-efficient: it measures the ability of glass to conduct heat in order to keep the home warm. The ideal value should be 0.25 or more.
  • Visible transmittance: A measure of light that will enter the home. It should be more than or equal to 0.50 for double pane windows while more than 0.40 for triple panes.
  • Design pressure: It shows the structural integrity of the component and is normally 50 or more.

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