Renovation Windows Styles for Your Home Improvement Project

Renovation Windows Styles for Your Home Improvement Project

Popular Designs of Renovation Windows

Renovation windows are always a good way to improve the market value and curb appeal of your home. But how does one decide which style of windows is the right fit? 

In the following article, we will highlight the most popular replacement windows designs to give you some insight as to which windows are the best choices. Your windows and doors retailer can also help you choose the right style for each room in your home.

Architectural Windows

Those who are looking for a unique window design might want to consider architectural windows. This artsy window design comes in a wide array of shapes, including circles, arches, and even hexagons. You can have them custom-designed to match the aesthetic of your home.

Awning Windows

Designed with a compression seal for maximum energy efficiency, awning windows are one of the most popular choices for window renovation. These windows open outward at the window tip via a hinge and with an easy-to-use crank mechanism. They provide superior airflow as well as protect your home from the elements. You can even leave them open during light rain due to their modern design. Awning windows are typically installed in kitchens, and bathrooms in hard to reach spaces but will also fit nicely in most rooms. 

Bow and Bay Windows

Typically, installed in kitchens, bedrooms, or living rooms, bow and bay windows are ideal for those rooms in which you want to create a cozy nook or alcove. Each window is designed with at least three sections and can open up any room by adding some extra space. 

Casement Windows

Very similar to awnings windows, casement windows are usually installed in bedrooms, offices, and living rooms. The only difference is that they open from the side instead of the top. Another pro of casement windows is that they adhere to the current guidelines for egress windows in Canada. And they are a great addition to fixed windows if you require ventilation. 

Contour Series Windows

This stylish window design is great for eliminating any type of glare. Designed with elegantly sculpted lines to aid with light replacing, they are both aesthetically pleasing and highly energy-efficient. 

End Vent Windows

Composed of a fixed section, tilt and slide windows, and large center section, end vent windows are a popular choice for modern homes. 

Hung Windows

If you prefer a more traditional style of window, single or double-hung windows are the best solution. Keep in mind that they are designed with weather stripping as opposed to the compression seal equipped on crank-style windows. This means that they are not as energy-efficient. However, they are a great source of both fresh air and natural light. Also, they are easy to clean and operate.

Picture Windows

This elegant window design is ideal for those rooms with a stunning outdoor view that you wish to bring into the home. This style of window provides ample sunlight as well as an unobstructed view of your outdoor space. Keep in mind that picture windows are fixed, so they do not open. However, you can pair them with operable windows, such as casement windows, if airflow is of the essence. 

Sliding Windows

As they slide effortlessly along a vertical track, sliding windows are easy to operate. They are an ideal source of both fresh air and natural light. As such, they are a very popular choice among homeowners for energy-efficient windows. 

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