Window Replacement: Everything You Should Know About the Finishing Touches


Window Replacement: Everything You Should Know About the Finishing Touches

There are so many considerations that you have to make before replacing your old windows. It’s time to replace your old rotting windows – because the heat is slowly seeping out of them and they (i.e. these windows) are inadvertently rendering your home vulnerable to external threats like burglary and theft.

Why are vinyl windows so popular?  

Vinyl windows emerge as one of the foremost options while homeowners are thinking about window replacement – primarily because they enhance the curb appeal of your home and aid in energy efficiency as well. However, in order to make the most of the benefits that vinyl windows have to offer, one should invest in, at least, some kind of trim on the exterior. The trim has more than just one function to fulfill. With the trim you are not only tidying up the edges but also making room for some aesthetic pleasure.

The most popular finishes as far as windows are concerned are batten, vinyl brick mold and aluminium capping. They are particularly known to add to the aesthetic appeal of your homes. You can select one of these finishes relying on the other elements of your exterior. In other words, you should choose something which you think suits the exterior of your home.

Vinyl Window Replacement: The final touches you have to work on

Besides the exterior, the new installation will also need some or the other finishing touches in the interior. Jamb extensions, casings and mouldings are the immediate choices that come to mind when we talk about interior touches to finished window installations.

Casings: Casings are the commonest additions we can think of while we are installing vinyl windows – very simply because they comply with most of the other trims – especially the baseboards. With the casings attached, it gets easier for the installers to integrate the window moldings as well. Depending on your needs, you can choose a style – which, once again, complements your interior décor – and of course your personal aesthetic preferences.

Jamb Extensions: When would you require jamb extensions? When the new window to be installed is not sufficiently deep to cover the whole depth of the exterior wall. The purpose of the jamb extensions is to fill the gaps that the windows themselves are not able to fulfill. The gap existing between the beginning of the exterior wall and the end of the newly installed window is filled up with the help of jamb extensions. Jamb extensions will end up looking rather incomplete if you are not really backing them up with proper interior mouldings and casings.

Mouldings: As you might already have an idea by now, the main purpose of the mouldings is to keep your jamb extensions at place. Be careful enough to pick up pieces that are visually appealing and are capable of retaining the timeless appeal of your home – simply because you do have access to such beautiful mouldings.

If you’re investing in new vinyl window installations then you have to work on the finishing touches as they have been mentioned above. Stay informed!

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