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What is an Awning Window?

How it Works

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward from the bottom, creating a sloped "awning" effect. This design allows for excellent ventilation, even during light rain, as the windowpane acts as a shield.

Ideal Location

Awning windows are perfect for rooms that require continuous airflow, like kitchens and bathrooms. Their upward-swinging motion offers privacy and protection from the elements, making them an ideal choice for spaces where you want to maintain both comfort and style.

Design Style

Awning windows blend seamlessly with modern and contemporary architectural styles. Their clean lines and unobtrusive appearance add a touch of sophistication to any home, making them a popular choice for those seeking a sleek and functional window design.

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Total Home Awning Window Features

The high quality hardware and multi-point locking system will help ensure that the vinyl windows are secure and provide a tight seal against air leaks and moisture infiltration, which can help improve energy efficiency and indoor comfort.

The fusion-welded corners are another key feature that can help prevent air and water leaks and improve overall insulation, while the multiple chambers in the window frame can help further enhance thermal efficiency and noise reduction.

Overall, these features make your awning windows a great choice for homeowners who value durability, energy efficiency, and performance. They can help improve indoor comfort, reduce energy costs, and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of a home.

Total Home Windows and Doors offers you the best window replacement  service in Toronto and GTA.

Today’s consumers in Canada are opting for awning style windows due to the overwhelming number of outstanding features including:

Heavy Duty Hinges
Encore Operator Locking System
Slider Window
Push Down Screen
Total Seal Corner Drive
Roto Multi-point Locking System
Encore Operator Handle

Superior Total Seal Insulating Glass

Energy Raiting U – Factor SHGC Most Energy Efficient
Double pane 36 1.25 0.39 no
Triple pane 41 0.9 0.36 yes

Total Seal window glass stands out for its longevity and robust performance, crafted to endure time with exceptional durability and resistance to deterioration. It boasts superior clarity, inviting ample natural light while its premium materials and cutting-edge production yield a scratch and weather-resistant product. This glass is also energy-efficient, offering cost savings on heating and cooling for sustained, high-quality performance.

Low-E Glass Energy Ratings

Low-E coatings are designed to reflect a significant amount of infrared and UV light. Our line of coating represents a spectrum of advanced Low-Emissivity (LowE) glass options designed for optimal thermal efficiency. LowE-180 is ideal for cooler climates, maximizing heat gain, while LowE-272 offers a balance of UV protection and warmth. LowE-366 provides superior solar control in warmer regions. LowE-i89 is a glazing option applied to interior surfaces, further enhancing thermal performance and providing the ultimate year-round comfort.

windows Low-e 180, 272, 366, i89
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Benefits & Options

Awning windows are a great option for areas in the home that require ventilation, such as bathrooms and kitchens, as they can be opened to allow fresh air in while also providing a protective barrier against rain and other inclement weather.

In addition to their functional benefits, awning windows can also be energy efficient, helping to reduce energy costs and improve indoor comfort. The fact that they open from the bottom also allows for better control over airflow and can help regulate indoor temperatures.

Standard sizes range from widths of 1.5 to 5 feet and heights up to 7 feet, with customization available for unique dimensions. They combine practicality with aesthetics, making them a popular choice for both new constructions and replacements.

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