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What is an Awning Window?

How it Works

Awning windows are designed to open from the bottom with a hinge at the top, creating a sloped overhang. This directs water away, enabling you to open your windows for fresh air while not having to worry about water entering your home.

Ideal Location

Certain home spaces, like kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms, require more ventilation for fresh air and to keep moisture out. Awning windows solve this problem without sacrificing weather protection or privacy. This sophisticated technology comes in stylish, affordable packages.

Design Style

Awning windows look at home in homes built within the last few decades as well as new builds. Sleek lines and large, unobstructed glass panels make awning windows most compatible with the modern and open concept design aesthetics.

Total Home Awning Window Features

GTA homeowners demand high performance at a great price from their vinyl windows. It’s common knowledge that we consistently offer the most competitive pricing but did you know that one of Total Home’s top priorities is quality. 

Our entire awning window inventory is built with high quality hardware and multi-point locking systems. Vinyl construction, multi chamber frames, and fusion-welded corners achieve the best protection for the longest amount of time. These technologies come together to deliver security, noise reduction, energy efficiency, and weather protection, all at the most competitive price.

Enhance your home’s comfort, efficiency, and longevity with Total Home. We provide the best windows replacement service in Toronto and surrounding areas at today’s best prices. We’re proud of our customer service before, during, and after installation. If you are curious about the technology behind awning windows, learn more about these modern features:

Heavy Duty Hinges
Encore Operator Locking System
Slider Window
Push Down Screen
Total Seal Corner Drive
Roto Multi-point Locking System
Encore Operator Handle

Superior Total Seal Insulating Glass

Energy RaitingU – FactorSHGCMost Energy Efficient
Double pane361.250.39no
Triple pane410.90.36yes

Total Seal window glass stands out for its longevity and robust performance, crafted to endure time with exceptional durability and resistance to deterioration. It boasts superior clarity, inviting ample natural light while its premium materials and cutting-edge production yield a scratch and weather-resistant product. This glass is also energy-efficient, offering cost savings on heating and cooling for sustained, high-quality performance.

Low-E Glass Energy Ratings

Low-E coatings are designed to reflect a significant amount of infrared and UV light. Our line of coating represents a spectrum of advanced Low-Emissivity (LowE) glass options designed for optimal thermal efficiency. LowE-180 is ideal for cooler climates, maximizing heat gain, while LowE-272 offers a balance of UV protection and warmth. LowE-366 provides superior solar control in warmer regions. LowE-i89 is a glazing option applied to interior surfaces, further enhancing thermal performance and providing the ultimate year-round comfort.

windows Low-e 180, 272, 366, i89
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Benefits & Options

Awning windows are an increasingly popular choice. They also open from the bottom, protecting against rain and snow, which is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces that need frequent ventilation. They are also very energy efficient, helping to reduce monthly energy bills. 

This combination of these qualities is cost effective, comfortable, and functional, which is highly desirable for many homeowners.

Standard sizes are from 1.5 to 5 feet wide and up to 7 feet tall for easy replacement. We can also custom manufacture unique dimensions to fit oddly sized replacement windows or meet the requirements of a creative build. 

Contact Total Home to help select the best awning windows for your application. We can deliver, install, and service your awning windows to insure comfort and quality for years. 

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