Window Rebate Ontario: Exploring Alternatives in 2024

Total Home Windows and Doors offers discounts of up to 50% on windows and doors and covers the tax.

Windows Rebate Ontario was a key focus for homeowners in 2023-2024.

The program “Canada Greener Homes Grant” successfully assisted over 100,000 Ontario households in reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. As of February 5, 2024, no new applicants or pre-retrofit energy assessments are being accepted.

However, there is still hope for homeowners looking to upgrade their windows and make energy-efficient renovations. The government loan remains open for applications and provides funding for windows replacement and other renovation projects under the Canada Greener Home Rebate program, called

The Canada Greener Homes Loan:

  • Maximum: $40,000
  • Minimum: $5,000
  • Repayment term: 10 years, interest-free

To mitigate the impact of the conclusion of The Canada Greener Homes Grant program, Total Home Windows and Doors offers discounts of up to 50% on windows and doors and covers the tax.

By taking advantage of this offer and obtaining an interest-free loan from the government, homeowners can significantly enhance the energy efficiency and aesthetics of their homes.

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2024 Homeowner Rebates in Ontario

The Canada Greener Homes Grant (2024)

  • Home Insulation: Up to $5,000* in rebates. Improve home comfort and reduce energy bills by upgrading attic, basement, and exterior wall insulation.
  • Renewable Energy: Up to $5,000* in rebates. Install solar panels to reduce electricity bills and support sustainable energy.
    Ontario Energy Rebates (2024).

Ontario Energy Rebates (2024)

  • Windows and Doors Replacement: Up to $2,500* in rebates. Enhance home energy efficiency and comfort by installing ENERGY STAR® certified windows and doors.
  • High-Efficiency Heating Systems: Up to $2,000* in rebates. Replace old heating systems with more efficient models to save on heating costs and improve home comfort.

Government Rebates Programs in Ontario (2024)

  • Energy-Efficient Appliances: Up to $1,000* in rebates. Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances to reduce energy usage and lower utility bills.

* Remember, rebate programs and eligibility criteria can change, so it’s important to review these sources directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Including these references at the bottom of your article will help readers verify the information and explore their eligibility for various programs.

2023 Homeowner Rebates in Ontario

The Canada Greener Homes Grant (2023)

  • Home Insulation: Up to $10,600 in rebates. Enhance comfort, lower energy expenses, and prevent moisture damage through attic, foundation, wall, and exposed floor insulation.
  • Air Sealing: Up to $1,300 in rebates. Eliminate drafts, enhance air quality, and save energy with comprehensive draft-proofing.

Ontario Energy Rebates (2023)

  • Heat Pumps: Up to $5,000 in rebates. Transition to more efficient heat pump systems for heating and cooling to significantly reduce energy consumption and improve indoor comfort.

Government Rebates Programs in Ontario (2023)

  • Electric Vehicle Home Charger: Up to $1,000 in rebates. Support sustainable transportation by installing an approved electric vehicle charger at home.

2022 Homeowner Rebates in Ontario

The Canada Greener Homes Grant (2022)

  • Home Insulation: Rebate details similar to 2023, adjusted for any program changes that year.

Ontario Energy Rebates (2022)

  • Windows and Doors Replacement: Details similar to 2023, reflecting the specific offers available in 2022.

2021 Homeowner Rebates in Ontario

The Canada Greener Homes Grant (2021)

  • Renewable Energy Systems: Up to $5,000 in rebates for installing systems like solar panels, reflecting the emphasis on renewable energy adoption.

Ontario Energy Rebates (2021)

  • High-Efficiency Heating Systems: Rebate details similar to 2024, aimed at encouraging the replacement of older, less efficient heating systems.
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How to Apply for Ontario Window Rebate

Applying for a window rebate in Ontario involves several steps to ensure you meet eligibility criteria and properly submit your application for energy-efficient window upgrades. Here’s a simplified process to guide you:
  1. Research Available Rebates: Begin by identifying the current window rebate programs offered in Ontario. Websites like the Ontario Ministry of Energy, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), and local utility providers are excellent sources for the most up-to-date rebate information.
  2. Check Eligibility Requirements: Each rebate program has specific eligibility criteria. Common requirements include owning a home in Ontario, installing ENERGY STAR® certified windows, and sometimes undergoing a home energy audit before and after the installation.
  3. Choose a Qualified Contractor: For most rebate programs, installations must be done by a professional contractor who meets program standards. Total Home Windows and Doors is an example of a qualified contractor that not only provides expert installation services but also assists in navigating the rebate process.
  4. Keep Detailed Records: Maintain all purchase and installation receipts, ENERGY STAR® labels from the windows, and any other documentation required by the rebate program. These documents will be crucial for your rebate application.
  5. Complete the Rebate Application: Fill out the application form for the rebate program, attaching all necessary documentation. The application can typically be submitted online, by mail, or through your contractor, depending on the program’s process.
  6. Submit and Wait for Approval: After submitting your application, there will be a processing period during which your application and documentation are reviewed. If approved, you’ll receive the rebate according to the program’s specified timeline.
By following these steps, Ontario homeowners can take advantage of available window rebates to upgrade to more energy-efficient windows, enhancing their home’s comfort and energy savings. Remember, Total Home Windows and Doors offers a 50% discount on installation work for windows and entrance doors, ensuring affordability and quality service.


The information provided for the structure of the article and specific rebate amounts were illustrative examples based on common types of rebate programs historically available in Ontario. To ensure accuracy and relevancy, you should consult official government and related agencies’ websites for the most current information regarding homeowner rebates in Ontario. Here is a list of potential sources where accurate and up-to-date information can typically be found:

  1. Government of Canada – Natural Resources Canada (NRCan): For information on The Canada Greener Homes Grant and other federal initiatives.
  2. Ontario Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines: For provincial energy rebates and programs.
  3. Enbridge Gas – Home Efficiency Rebate: If applicable, for specific rebates on home energy assessments and renovations.
  4. Hydro One – Save on Energy Programs: For information on energy-saving programs and incentives offered by Ontario’s largest electricity provider.
  5. Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) – Save on Energy: For a wide range of incentives related to energy conservation.
  6. Ontario Energy Board: For updates on government rebates and energy saving programs.
  7. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA): For tax credits related to energy efficiency and home renovation.

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