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Estimating Home Window Costs

Window Replacement Cost Toronto and GTA

A homeowner’s guide to window replacement cost: From budget-friendly to high-end options, enabling you to purchase with confidence.

The Importance of Window Replacement

Toronto window replacement and installation:
Why should I consider?

With over 15 years in the industry, Total Home Windows and Doors has come to understand homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding communities.

People usually delay replacing windows until they need to in an emergency. Renovations and home maintenance focus on kitchens and bathrooms, while windows are neglected.

Also, homeowners often regret deprioritizing their windows. When they discover how much minimal regular maintenance can impact energy expenses or how much windows impact the look of their home, they wish they could go back and act sooner.

Financial savings

Inflation is always going to be an issue. The sooner you purchase and install new windows, the more you’ll save on product and labour. New windows also provide enhanced insulation, which means immediate savings on energy costs. Depending on the condition of your existing windows, the amount could be mild or huge.

Curb appeal

New windows offer your house huge curb appeal value and create satisfaction once you return home after a long, tiring day. They offer you peace of mind and a clean, organized ambiance and leave a strong first impression on potential buyers if your home is on the market.

Comfort and design

New windows enhance both your interior and exterior. Their design can transform your space without further changes. If you are redecorating, the right windows will complete your aesthetic. Superior insulation ensures that temperatures stay steady, providing comfort while reducing the noise from your furnace or air conditioner.

Energy Efficiency

The insulation properties of new windows extend beyond savings. Superior sealing and modern glass technology minimize noise and harmful UV and allow for more natural, healthy sunlight. Reduced HVAC usage means fewer repairs, less energy consumption, and delayed replacement of environmentally harmful furnaces and air conditioner equipment.


Total Home is very selective when it comes to products. We exclusively partner with reputable, premium brands that stand behind their work. All of our replacement windows are Energy Star™ certified, qualify for Ontario’s Energy Savings Rebate program, and are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Professional installation

Our window installation professionals are familiar with Ontario living. Most installers can make a window fit and function perfectly on day one, but it takes a real expert to ensure it stays that way through our drastic fluctuations. Trusting Total Home means avoiding a new window project when next year’s spring thaw hits.

Windows Replacement Prices Toronto 2024

The primary cost of replacement windows is based on size, location, manufacturing materials, and style. This chart outlines the prices associated with your choices.

Window TypeAvg. Price MinAvg.Price Max
Awning window$390$950
Sliding window$260$790
Single hung window$270$850
Window LocationAvg. Price MinAvg.Price Max
Living Room$1200$2500
Basement Egress$1500$4000
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Cost Calculator Factors% Breakdown
Installation method30-40%
Size and style of windows30-40%
Functional glass options20-30%
Decorative options10-20%

Understanding Window Replacement Cost Calculator

What Factors Influence Window Installation Costs?

The cost of window installation is determined by the complexity of the job and optional add-ons. The section of our homeowner’s guide breaks down the installation methods you can expect and the options you have to control your window installation costs calculator.

1. Installation Method

Full frame replacement (Brick-to-brick)

In simple terms, full frame replacement involves removing old windows and frames as well as the surrounding brickwork.

This method is used when current windows were installed improperly, when you want a custom design, or when you want to change the original dimensions. It is the more expensive method because it requires far more time and labor.


Retrofitting windows is another way of saying “replacing one window with another of the same size”.

Although this method requires a high degree of care and quality to install the window itself, there are no additional materials and construction efforts required, making it a far less expensive option.

2. Size and style of windows

When choosing the size and style of your new or replacement windows, it’s equally important to consider functionality. Qualities like ease of maintenance, ease of operation, security, and ventilation according to the needs of the room and your family.

Average Cost Range 390$ – 950$ (per window)

Awning windows open from the bottom with a top hinge, creating a sloped overhang to direct water away, ensuring dry, airy interiors.

Average Cost Range 390$ – 950$ (per window)

Casement windows swing open like doors, offering full ventilation, easy cleaning, and reliable weather protection.

Average Cost Range 260$ – 790$ (per window)

A slider window features horizontally sliding sashes along a track, enabling effortless opening and closing for convenience.

Average Cost Range 270$ – 850$ (per window)

Hung windows have vertically sliding sashes: single-hung has a movable bottom, double-hung has both movable.

Average Cost Range 290$ – 850$ (per window)

A fixed window, also known as a picture window, is a window that is permanently sealed shut and cannot be opened or closed.

Average Cost Range 2500$ – 6000$ (per window)

Bay and bow windows extend outward, adding space and aesthetics: bay has three panels, bow has more.

Average Cost Range 210$ – 610$ (per window)

A picture window is a large, fixed window offering unobstructed views without the ability to open or close

Average Cost Range 380$ – 690$ (per window)

A small, horizontally hinged window opens inward from the top for secure, protected ventilation.

3. Functional options

Low-E coatings

Low-E coatingsLow-E coatings are thin metallic layers that block harmful infrared and UV light from entering your home. Although an added cost, this effectively prevents light-related health issues, reduces heat transfer, and protects your furniture from fading.

Multiple Pane Windows

Multi-pane windowsMulti-pane windows are a modern expectation. Additional gas-filled layers of glass multiply the weather insulation and noise reduction of your window. Each additional pane will increase the price due to the additional material and construction costs.

Tempered glass

Tempered glass

Tempered glass is heated and rapidly cooled to enhance strength, offering security and safety indoors and outdoors. It’s extremely difficult for intruders to defeat tempered glass, keeping them out of your home.  If broken, tempered glass shatters into small pieces instead of sharp shards, reducing injury.

Laminated glass

Glass laminationGlass lamination is the combination of 2 window panes pressed together with a PVB interlayer sandwiched in between. This application is commonly used in windows, doors, and skylights due to its shatter-prevention, impact resistance, and security qualities.

4. Decorative glass options

Privacy glass

Homeowners who want a little extra privacy in certain rooms can employ frosted or textured glass, which is both beautiful and prevents people from seeing inside their homes while still delivering natural light.


Colored window frames can drastically transform your home, making it look more modern or classic, which can greatly improve your curb appeal. Homeowners can choose from a variety of natural, traditional, and bold hues.

Interior Grills

Grills transform plain window panes by adding interesting geometric detail; Styles include colonial and prairie or custom combinations of widths and pencil, box, flat, or Georgian edging. Interior window grills

Rosettes options

Rosettes are an effective way to enhance the style of your windows. The most common choice is decorative squares at the corners of the window frame. Rosettes are available in many shapes and sizes and can be placed on grooves.


Also known as grids, interior and exterior grills divide window glass into smaller planes for added visual interest. Although simple additions, grills can upgrade your windows from plain to sophisticated, depending on your home’s desired style.

Brickmould options

Like interior crown molding, brickmould details add material and visual appeal to exterior window frames. Brickmold provides additional sealing against moisture and air, adding another layer of weather protection.

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Exceptional Experience

Our replacement window process

Total Home Windows and Doors has a refined, transparent window replacement process that ensures you know exactly what to expect from beginning to end.


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Window Installation

Our window installers have an amazing ability to find the perfect balance between fast and slow. They ensure that your windows will stand the test of time and provide superior sealing and security. Our professionalism guarantees prompt, qualified service.


Warranty Included

Each Total Home window is backed by a manufacturer’s comprehensive warranty for your peace of mind and protection.

Frequently Asked Questions about Replacement Window

Is it cheaper to replace all windows at once?

The price of window replacement depends on the time required to complete the project. Completing the project as a single job takes less time than multiple jobs for multiple windows, and saving time means saving money.

Common window replacement costs range from $260 to $1,050 per window, depending on the materials, size, and design qualities you choose for your home. Based on the choices Total Home customers make, the average cost to homeowners is $730 per window.

According to manufacturer testing and homeowner feedback, fiberglass windows offer the most longevity. Today’s technology enables fiberglass windows to withstand the Canadian climate from 20 to 40 years.

Once a window is delivered to the work site, a skilled window installer will complete the job within an hour or two. Depending on the complexity of a multiple-window project, Total Home professionals can replace 10 to 15 windows in a single day.

Manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty against regular wear and tear and defects. Lifetime can sometimes mean for the life of the home or for the duration that your family occupies the home. Make sure to check with the manufacturer for specific details. Accessories like hardware and screens typically come with a one or three-year warranty.

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