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Unveil the Practical Charm of Hopper Window, Ideal for Enhancing Small Spaces with Style and Ventilation.

Hopper Window

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What is an Hopper Window?

How it Works

Hopper windows are fairly small and open inward from the top, creating a shape that directs airflow inside the room. Their dimensions and airflow qualities make hopper windows ideal for tight spaces and rooms that require extra ventilation.

Ideal Location

Because of their size and shape, hopper windows are a popular choice for laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Total Home Windows and Doors hopper windows adhere to Canadian egress requirements, which makes them an extremely popular choice for basements.

Design Style

Hopper windows were invented in the 19th century for Victorian homes, making them suitable for older GTA architecture. However, modern materials and styling make them equally compatible with modern homes. The simple, clean lines of hopper windows fit in with virtually every style.

Total Home Hopper Window Features

Basements throughout the GTA are often used as rental units that require egress compliant windows. 

Basement windows are typically high on the wall and short, and are sometimes tricky to install because of physical obstructions. 

Basement windows are low to the ground and prone to impact, resulting in more frequent replacement compared to other windows in the house,

Hopper windows from Total Home Windows and Doors addresses all three of these issues.

Hopper windows are similar to double hung windows, but open all the way because of being hinged at the bottom. This feature enables them to be used as an emergency exit, making hopper windows compliant with Canadian egress laws. 

The design features a thin (3-¼”) frame depth making them easy to work with, even in tight spaces.

Hopper windows are relatively inexpensive compared to most other window styles. A standard low cost combined with Total Home’s competitive pricing model and professional window replacement services make hopper windows a great choice!

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Superior Total Seal Insulating Glass

 Energy RaitingU – FactorSHGCMost Energy
Double pane341.610.52no
Triple pane401.110.43yes

Total Seal window glass stands out for its longevity and robust performance, crafted to endure time with exceptional durability and resistance to deterioration. It boasts superior clarity, inviting ample natural light while its premium materials and cutting-edge production yield a scratch and weather-resistant product. This glass is also energy-efficient, offering cost savings on heating and cooling for sustained, high-quality performance.

Low-E Glass Energy Ratings

Low-E coatings are designed to reflect a significant amount of infrared and UV light. Our line of coating represents a spectrum of advanced Low-Emissivity (LowE) glass options designed for optimal thermal efficiency. LowE-180 is ideal for cooler climates, maximizing heat gain, while LowE-272 offers a balance of UV protection and warmth. LowE-366 provides superior solar control in warmer regions. LowE-i89 is a glazing option applied to interior surfaces, further enhancing thermal performance and providing the ultimate year-round comfort.

windows Low-e 180, 272, 366, i89
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Benefits & Options

The notable benefits of hopper windows are the cost effectiveness, ventilation properties, and convenient dimensions. 

Total Home adds to these benefits in two ways.

Available in three standard sizes, our windows are constructed with thermally fused vinyl frames. This effectively insulates against air, rain, and outside noise. Reliable insulation keeps your temperatures consistent, preventing premature HVAC equipment repairs and helping to lower your energy bills. We also provide a transferable, limited lifetime warranty for every hopper window, providing peace of mind.

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