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Explore the Timeless Charm of Single and Double Hung Windows, Seamlessly Blending Traditional Elegance with Contemporary Efficiency.

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What is an Hung Window?

How it Works

Hung windows are defined by one sash or more that opens by sliding vertically. Only the bottom sash will move up and down on single hung windows while both sashes are operational on double hung windows.

Ideal Location

Hung windows are a popular solution for limited spaces like walkways and patios. Double hung windows offer more fresh air and ventilations, perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

Design Style

Hung windows are a classic design constructed with modern materials. Depending on the options you choose, hung windows will compliment the entire gamut of architectural styles.
When discussing hung windows, remember that they are also commonly referred to as sash windows, double-hung windows, vertical sliding windows, and traditional hung sash windows.

Total Home Hung Window Features

Both hung and double hung windows open vertically with the ability to be tilted inward for ease of cleaning and maintenance. The top sash is fixed on hung windows and both sashes can be opened on double hung windows.

Quality hardware and the Total Lock system work together to create a reliable seal, security, and insulation. High-quality products and construction are designed to keep your windows easy to operate and energy efficient. This maintains the comfort of your home, prevents your HVAC from overworking and helps to reduce your energy bills.

The uPVC, multi-chamber construction of hung windows provides additional thermal qualities. The material maintains structural and durability while the interior chambers protect you from the risks of moisture, insects, and rot. Other materials will warp, crack, dry out, and lose their dimensions after a view years, compromising their functionality. In comparison, uPVC hung windows will continue to look and work like new.

Hung vinyl windows are practical, versaltyle, competitively priced, and stylish. These features make hung windows a popular choice for homeowners across the GTA.

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Double Hung Window

The defining feature of a double hung window is two sashes that can be opened. One sash at the top and another at the bottom can move up and down, offering functionality, extra airflow, and beautiful aesthetics. The ventilation feature is simple yet ingenious. Warm air rises and passes through the upper sash while denser cool air is pushed into through the lower sash. You can control the volume of this air exchange by adjusting how wide the windows are open.

Double hung windows have the ability to fit into both traditional and modern design homes. Double hung windows are an older European design that made their way to North America during colonization. This older style combined with modern materials and customization options make them very flexible in regards to where they are installed and how they are styled. 

Double hung construction and materials also makes this style of window easy to maintain. Both sashes can tilt inwards, providing access to easy cleaning without the need for ladders or special tools. This is an incredible advantage for GTA homeowners that want to keep their windows clean during the winter.


Total Home Windows and Doors Double Hung Windows

Superior Total Seal Insulating Glass

 Energy RaitingU – FactorSHGCMost Energy
Double pane351.40.53no
Triple pane351.040.43yes

Total Seal window glass stands out for its longevity and robust performance, crafted to endure time with exceptional durability and resistance to deterioration. It boasts superior clarity, inviting ample natural light while its premium materials and cutting-edge production yield a scratch and weather-resistant product. This glass is also energy-efficient, offering cost savings on heating and cooling for sustained, high-quality performance.

Low-E Glass Energy Ratings

Low-E coatings are designed to reflect a significant amount of infrared and UV light. Our line of coating represents a spectrum of advanced Low-Emissivity (LowE) glass options designed for optimal thermal efficiency. LowE-180 is ideal for cooler climates, maximizing heat gain, while LowE-272 offers a balance of UV protection and warmth. LowE-366 provides superior solar control in warmer regions. LowE-i89 is a glazing option applied to interior surfaces, further enhancing thermal performance and providing the ultimate year-round comfort.

windows Low-e 180, 272, 366, i89
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Benefits & Options

The downside to hung and double hung windows is how difficult they are to clean without special tools or working outdoors from dangerous heights. 

Total Home hung windows solve this problem with a tilt-in feature. Hinging one or more sashes changes the direction of the sash, providing convenient access to each side of the glass panes. This feature also allows you to control how much fresh air is entering your home. Open it all the way to cool off on hot summer days, or just a little bit for some ventilation on stuffy winter nights.

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