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How to Measure A Window: Easy Guide for Canadian Homeowners

How to Measure A Window: Easy Guide for Canadian Homeowners

How to Measure a Window: Step by Step

Are you ready to embark on replacing the windows as you begin the new year? Sure, you may not be able to install them on your own. But you will be able to measure them, so you can order your windows online or at your local windows company. Do you know how to measure a window?

Follow this handy guide to learn how to measure your windows. Then, you can get in touch with your local windows and doors company to determine the style and material of your replacement windows.  

Materials Needed

  • Tape Measure
  • Slide Rule
  • Paper & Pencil
  • Ladder or Step Ladder

Pro Tip: “Measure Twice” of thumb when it comes to measuring your replacement windows. This will prevent you from ordering the wrong size windows, which will slow down your window replacement project.

Step One:

Making use of your tape measure or slide rule, carefully measure the width of the window at the top of the window as well as the middle and the bottom. Record each measurement as you go. Take the width of the tape measurement into consideration during this process. Take care to measure from the window jamb and frame area as opposed to the extension, as this could allow for an incorrect measurement, which means you will have to reorder your windows. 

Step Two:

Measure the window lining, taking the plastic or aluminum window liner into consideration. This lining is needed to insert the window jamb into the window on the vertical side. If you cannot reach this area, the window industry standard of one-half an inch will suffice. However, if you are able to do so, you will follow the same steps as you used in step one.

Step Three:

Next, you will measure the window height. In this step, you will measure once from the left side, once from the right, and again in the middle of the window to get the proper height measurements, recording the numbers as you go. For high vaulted windows, you need to measure from the highest point. 

Step Four:

In this final step, you will measure the depth of the window. This is perhaps the most important step in the process of measuring for window replacement. Be sure to take at least two measurements to be certain that you are getting the correct size. Measure the depth between the stops in the front of the window frame. A lot of homeowners skip this step and end up having to reorder the correct size windows. 

If you are unsure how to measure a window for replacement or need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact Total Home Windows and Doors. It is always the best course to have your windows measured by a professional to prevent any miscalculations. We will be happy to measure your windows as well as provide you with a free quote for your window replacement. 

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