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Total Home Windows and Doors, a Toronto-based company where quality and innovation come together in every installation.  Since our founding in 2007, we have dedicated ourselves to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled customer satisfaction. With nearly two decades of experience, we understand the unique needs of Canadian homeowners and are proud to offer products that reflect our commitment to excellence.

Our mission is to transform your house with modern, energy-efficient, durable, and aesthetically pleasing windows and doors. We believe that your home deserves the best, and our products are designed to enhance both beauty and efficiency, ensuring they stand the test of time.

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Our Advantages

At Total Home, we provide top-notch door and window installation services. We make sure your project stays on schedule and within budget.

Here are the top 6 reasons why you should choose us:

Cost Efficiency

Enjoy transparent pricing, no hidden costs, and no surprises. Our strong relationships with suppliers help us keep prices low without compromising on quality.

All In One Crew

Our dedicated team handles every aspect of the job—no subcontractors, just seamless, reliable service. Our certified installers are always ready to provide prompt and efficient service.

High-Quality Products

We proudly offer Canadian-made windows and doors built to withstand Canada's tough weather conditions. Our products combine style and durability to deliver maximum value.

Advanced Technologies

We incorporate the latest technologies to enhance the quality and longevity of our products, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand by our work with a lifetime warranty on construction and installation. If there’s ever an issue, we’ll fix it free of charge.

Comprehensive Approach

We provide turnkey service, taking care of everything from installation to cleanup. All you have to do is enjoy the results.

Total Home: Your Trusted Windows & Doors Contractor in Toronto

Total Home installation experts live in Toronto and the GTA. They know how your neighborhood’s homes were built and all of the potential surprises. Our entire team is dedicated to great customer service. We consult, deliver, install, and service windows and doors, so you don’t have to work with multiple contractors.

Trust the company that has earned thousands of phenomenal reviews from happy customers. 

Total Exterior Solutions

At Total Home Windows and Doors, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional windows and doors installation services.

Pricing for Windows and Doors, Toronto

The cost of windows and doors depends on the style you choose, the type of installation, and the location of installation. This pricing table will help you understand the approximate costs of your project. For a precise quote, book a free at-home estimate.

Window TypeAvg. Price MinAvg.Price Max
Awning window$390$950
Sliding window$260$790
Single hung window$270$850
Door TypeAvg. Price MinAvg.Price Max
Steel doors$1500$5000
Fiberglass doors$2500$10000
Storm doors$900$2000
Vinyl patio doors$1500$5000
Garden doors$3500$5000
Total Seal - Revolutionary Vinyl Window Technology Total Home

Revolutionary Vinyl Window Technology

Total Home Windows and Doors has introduced the innovative Total Seal technology, setting a new standard in window performance. This advanced system features the Super Spacer, a high-performance warm edge spacer designed to minimize the transfer of heat and cold around window edges, significantly improving thermal insulation. Combined with argon gas-filled double or triple panes, this technology ensures superior energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer and maintaining stable indoor temperatures.

Additionally, Total Seal offers exceptional resistance to aging, weathering, and ozone, ensuring long-lasting durability and maintaining optimal performance even in extreme conditions. This approach not only enhances home comfort and energy efficiency but also contributes to lower energy costs and improved noise reduction.

What Makes Total Seal Different

Super Spacer

Super Spacers introduce warm edges into your window’s construction. Material is strategically positioned to regulate temperatures before the hot, cold, condensation, and pressure has a chance to damage your window’s construction.

Argon Gas Fill

Argon barley absorbs or transfers heat. Filling the empty space between glass with gas creates a forcefield that heat bounces off instead of allowing it to seep in and out of your home. This helps maintain a stable indoor temperature and reduces energy costs.

Durability and Resistance

Total Seal technology uses integrated lock systems that create a uniform seal rather than pushing on a single point. This creates enhanced durability and resistance that stands up to extreme Canadian weather conditions.

Exploring The Vinyl Window Profiles

 TraditionalModernModern SlimTilt & Turn
Frame Thickness3-1/4”4-1/2”4-1/2”4-1/2”
Slim Framenonoyesyes
Frame Strengthframe-strengthframe-strengthframe-strengthframe-strength
Lifetime Warrantyyesyesyesyes
Energy EfficiencyTotal Home Energy Star 2024Total Home Energy Star 2024Total Home Energy Star 2024Total Home Energy Star 2024
Super Spaceryesyesyesyes
Triple Glassoptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Foam Fillednonooptionaloptional

Windows and Doors Do's and Don't

Because we’ve replaced and installed them so many times.

Installation Do's

Do research: Investigate different doors and window options to find the best fit for your home’s style and needs.

Do schedule a consultation: Arrange for a professional to take accurate measurements and provide a thorough assessment of your requirements.

Do consider energy efficiency: Choose energy-efficient windows and doors to save on utility bills and enhance your home’s comfort year-round.

Do hire professionals: Trust experienced installers to ensure a high-quality, secure installation that meets all safety standards.

Do check warranties: Ensure the products and services come with solid warranties to provide long-term peace of mind and protection.

Installation Don't

Don’t rush the process: Take your time to make informed decisions, but also consider taking advantage of temporary discounts and special offers.

Don’t ignore local regulations: Ensure compliance with all building codes and permit requirements to avoid legal issues and fines.

Don’t overlook maintenance: Regular upkeep and inspections are essential for extending the lifespan and performance of your new windows and doors.

Don’t forget insulation: Ensure proper insulation around window and door frames to prevent drafts, improve energy efficiency, and maintain comfort.

Don’t compromise on quality: Invest in durable, high-quality materials to avoid frequent replacements and costly repairs in the future.

Want to Know More About the Window Installation Process?

Discover how different style options influence the final look.

Expectations for Your Free At-Home Estimate

During our initial consultation, we’ll provide all the details to ensure we can offer you the best price on windows you’ll love for a lifetime.


Select Your Style

Windows can be designed with a huge range of colors, textures, sidelights, and other customizations. Work with our experts to find the style you want.  


Evaluate Cost & Financing

We’ll work with you on initial costs, expected energy savings, and available discounts and rebates to land on a monthly price that fits your project. 


Get an Instant Quote

After providing a detailed, no-obligation quote, we provide a simple outline of the buying and installation process so you can plan your project without surprises. 


Confirm and Schedule

Products delivery and installation is based on your convenience. Our flexible service is designed to avoid interrupting your work schedule or bottlenecking your project. 

Want to reserve your appointment yourself?

You can simply select a timeslot online, and we’ll call you back to confirm it. It’s that easy!

Your Top Questions Answered

What is the Window and Door Tax Credit for 2024?

The Canada Greener Homes Grant program successfully assisted over 100,000 Ontario households in reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The CGHG is currently closed to new applicants as of February 5th 2024. However, the Canada Greener Home Loan continues to offer Ontarians up to $40,000 in interest-free loans to people who are retrofitting their homes. This loan is payable over 10 years, making new Doors and windows much more affordable and accessible. 

Make sure to look into municipal programs which may offer additional loans, rebates, and tax credits. Read more >>

The major factors that determine the cost of windows and doors is size, material, style, and glass type. Less significant choices, like the type of hardware you choose, will also impact costs. The most drastic additions to costs are custom orders, especially sizes that are not standard, and complex installations that add hours to the project. Make sure to inquire about discounts, rebates, and tax breaks to offset these costs.

Most window and door manufacturers will claim that their products are energy efficient. ENERGY STAR certification guarantees efficiency by testing insulation, durability, and longevity. 

Compared to older windows, ENERGY STAR products reduce energy bills by up to 13%, improving indoor comfort, protecting against harmful UV rays, and lowering your home’s carbon footprint. ENERGY STAR also helps improve curb appeal and perceived value during home sales, which all adds up to great value at a reasonable lifetime cost. 

The most productive thing you can do to prepare for door and window installations is to clear the way. Move obstructions like furniture to another space. Remove curtains, blinds, and other coverings. Keep pets in a safe area. All of this will protect your property and loved ones and keep the installation team productive and safe from tripping hazards. 

Our Work from Clients' View

Total Home Windows and Doors is successful because of people like you. Your neighbours have consistently chosen Total Home because of our affordability and customer service, and we’re dedicated to continuing this level of service to protect our reputation of outstanding satisfaction and earning your testimonial.

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