Tips on How to Refinish Fiberglass Doors

Tips on How to Refinish Fiberglass Doors

Tips on How to Refinish Fiberglass Doors

Learning how to refinish fiberglass doors in your home can be very beneficial. Fiberglass doors are growing in popularity like wildfire among homeowners because they are less resistant to weathering. However, that does not mean that fiberglass doors are resistant to all types of weathering. These doors may need to be refinished from time to time to ensure that they look the best they can. If you choose to refinish the fiberglass doors in your home, you will improve its overall value. Small improvements, like refinishing the doors, can make a big difference in how much your home is worth. Plus, you can easily build the equity of your home by making small improvements. 

Before you start refinishing, you will need to clean the fiberglass doors so that they are free of debris and dust. You would be surprised by how much dirt can the doors in your home collect. When the door is free of all particles, you should use a rag to make sure that it is fully dry. Once the door is dry, you will need to apply a thin coat of stripper that is water-based. After you have applied the stripper, you should take a break for about sixty to ninety minutes. You will need to continue this process until the finish has been removed from the door completely. You do not want to leave traces of the former finish on when attempting to refinish the door. When the old finish has been removed from top to bottom, you should go through the cleaning process one more time. 

Next Steps in Refinishing a Door 

Knowing how to refinish fiberglass doors can help your home always look its best. Apply a thin layer of denatured alcohol to the door. This will help it look great after you are done. You should then apply gel stain with a paint brush that is bristled. You would be surprised by how much difference a layer of gel stain can make in how quickly a door fades. You should make sure the gel stain has had plenty of time to dry before you apply at least two coats of top coat for fiberglass. Before applying the fiberglass top coat the second time, make sure the first layer is completely dry. If you plan on applying exterior acrylics, you will need to first prime the surface. Using a roller, apply two coats of exterior acrylics. A brush with natural bristles can be used to paint over the primer. Learning how to restain a fiberglass exterior door can help the finish last longer. Be sure to follow these tips when refinishing fiberglass exterior door



Final Tips to Follow

You should remember that dark colors will attract more heat, which means that more warping will occur. If you want to learn more about how to refinish fiberglass doors, you should reach out to Total Home Windows and Doors for the best advice.

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