Are Foggy Windows a Sign That the Window Unit Is Damaged?

Are Foggy Windows a Sign That the Window Unit Is Damaged

What Do Foggy Windows Mean?

Foggy windows could be an indicator that it is time to replace your windows. Many homeowners opt for fog-outs instead of investing in new windows. Is this the best solution or are energy-efficient windows the better option?

In the following blog, we shall discuss whether fog out or replacement windows  is the better option for windows that are foggy. Keep reading to find out how to tell if the condensation means that there is an issue with the window unit itself.

When most homeowners start on a foggy window, their first thought is to replace the window unit. It is important to note that window condensation does not always indicate window replacement. 

Newly installed windows often look foggy for the first few weeks, as they are not yet fully settled. Also, frosted windows can occur when a sudden drop in temperature outside hits the warmer air inside the home. 

So, how does one tell if foggy windows are an issue? If the fog is on the outside pane of the window, the window unit is still operational. But, if the condensation is between the window panes on the sealed unit and does not easily wipe away, it means that the window unit has failed and is no longer energy-efficient. The inert gases that have been installed between the window panes are no longer effective. This is not a health or safety issue, but it is a definite sign that the window unit needs to be replaced. 

Does Fog Out Work on Foggy Windows?

One solution that a lot of homeowners use for fog on windows is the fog out system. They usually do this once they notice that their windows are not functioning properly. To install a fog out system, drill two holes on the outer window pane. The fogger vent will be placed in these holes to prevent condensation. This fog out system will evaporate the air before it can fog on the windows.

However, fog out systems only keep fog from forming on the window. The system will not fix the issue with the damaged window seal. This means that the window is still not energy-efficient, which results in higher energy costs and air drafts. 

For these reasons, fog out is not an ideal solution for foggy windows. Window replacement is the best solution for the condensation and fog on windows. While it might seem like a bit of an expense, energy-efficient windows will pay for themselves over time with lower heating costs as well as eliminating money for window repairs.

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