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Tips for Homeowners: How to Paint Windows

Tips for Homeowners: How to Paint Windows

Tips on How to Paint Windows

Is it time to touch up the paint on your windows? Or do you wish to update the color? Here are some tips on how to paint windows to get you going.

Always assess the state of your Aurora windows before painting them to see if they need to be repaired or replaced. Call your local windows company if you need some advice on how to tell if it is time for window replacement.

Use the Following Advice On How to Paint Window Frames to Ensure That You Are Doing it the Right Way

  • Get an early start

It is always a good idea to start as early in the day as possible. You will want to have the job completed so you can reinstall the window sashes and shut your windows before nightfall. 

  • Prep the window

You will want to prep the window before you start painting. First, scrape any loose glazing, caulking, and paint using a scraper or putty knife. Next, with sandpaper, smooth rough surfaces on the window. Then, you should dust and clean the windows to remove any dirt and debris. Following, make sure to repair any damaged window glazing and caulk any exposed crevices.

  • Remove the window sash

It is much easier to paint the window frame if you first remove the sash. You can easily replace it once the paint has completely dried. However, if you are unable to remove it, you should be sure to open and close the window several times as the paint dries to prevent the window from getting stuck shut.

  • Remove the window hardware

Take care to remove all handles, latches, and other hardware from the window unit before you begin painting. Before you remove it, you can take photos to help you remember where and how everything was previously installed. Reinstall the hardware once the paint is completely dry. 

Pro Tip: Do not Mask the Window Glass

You can skip this step as it is more time-consuming than it is worth. If you should happen to get any paint on the window glass, all you need to do is carefully scrape it off with a razor blade.

  • Use the properly sized paintbrush

It is best to use a narrow brush, such as a 1-½ inch angled sash brush. The bristles are designed and angled to reach those small spaces and tight corners. Besides, this type of brush is easier to control than most flat and wide paintbrushes. 

  • Take care not to paint the weatherstrip or window tracks

You can prevent any paint from getting on the tracks or strip by covering these areas with masking tape. Otherwise, any paint will cause them not to work properly. If any paint does get in these places, quickly wipe it off with a damp cloth.

  • Use a bendable pad for older windows

For those windows that are older but still in good working condition, you should use a bender paint pad to prevent the upper sash from being painted shut. Also, use the brush to spread some window paint on the bender to carefully apply the paint to the upper window sash. This will prevent unsightly paint droppings and keep the window from sticking. 

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