What are the Benefits of Triple Glazed Windows?


What are the Benefits of Triple Glazed Windows?

The new home improvement dilemma homeowners are facing is whether or not to spend the extra cash to have triple glazed windows installed with their home improvement. There are some important facts to understand prior to making this decision. There are several different types of vinyl windows that you can choose from to improve the efficiency of your home. You need to understand the regulations and specifications of the window values when it comes to heat retention and solar gain. The heat retention is also referred to as U-Value. In the beginning stages of manufacturing, these windows had a value of 3.0 but with recent improvements, a double-glazed window is down to 1.1 to no higher than 1.6. These lower numbers are due to the following improvements.

  • Metal frame elements have been removed.
  • The area between the panes of glass has increased.
  • Low-E coatings are applied to the glass surface to lower the heat loss.
  • Inert gas has been injected into the space between the panes.

The production of a triple glazed window has significantly decreased the value from a 1.1 to 0.55. This is almost half of what it was with a double-glazed window.

Exploring G-Value and Its Significance

The G-Value is the solar gain and we will compare double pane vs. triple pane values to help us make a suitable decision when making our home improvements. The G-Value is important because it measures the levels of the windows ability to absorb heat from the sun. The levels for this value are measured on a much smaller range from 0-1. The higher the number is the more heat the widow absorbs from the solar aspect. Due to the added thickness of an extra panel of glass, the triple glazed window values are lower than contractors and architects like to see. So, the real question you should consider is this. Is the trade-off worth the extra funds necessary to acquire the triple glazed windows? Would you rather save money on energy bills and will the money saved be enough, in the long run, to recover the additional cost of the triple glazed windows?

When experts were consulted to receive a professional opinion on the trade-off, their suggestion was as follows. G-Value should not be that big of a concern due to the fact that the trade-off would be most noticeable in the summer when there is already extended hours of sun exposure. The extended hours of heat from the sun is not needed as much in the summertime as it would be needed in the wintertime. They do advise to retain energy rather than focus on heat absorption.

When considering where and what to purchase, the experts at Total Home Windows and Doors would love the opportunity to serve you in all of your replacement window needs.

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