Why Do I Have Mold on Windows in My Home?

Why Do I Have Mold on Windows in My Home

Why Do I Have Mold on Windows in My Home?

There are several reasons why you can find mold on windows inside your home. The environment for mold growth is that it grows best in dark and damp conditions. For that reason, the window can be the perfect spot for mold to form and create an issue. Not only is mold unsightly, but it is also dangerous to people’s health. Some will rush to have their windows replaced by a Toronto window replacement company in an effort to stop the growth of mold, but this can be an unnecessary step if you can find the source of the leakage that causes the growth to form. You can not only save time but a considerable amount of money by inspecting your windows to locate the area and applying a substance or doing a minor repair to stop the leak.

There are a couple of other reasons why your windows may have mold outside of the leakage issue. Condensation can be the cause due to the temperature differences from a drafty window and the inside temperature of the home. Bad or missing caulk or sealant around the window is typically what causes the leak issues that are so often seen. One of the most overlooked areas that are responsible for leaks is roofs. The reason for that is that water will follow the path of least resistance and that often leads to the areas around your windows.

Best Ways to Remove Mold from Your Windows

You need to know the proper steps of how to clean mold from windows in order to assure the mold is removed completely to prevent sickness. First, you need to spray the window casement with water. This is to prevent mold spores from escaping into the air. Next, mix a few drops of dish detergent in warm water. With this solution, clean the mold from the area with paper towels, place the used paper towels in a plastic bag, seal tightly, and place in the trash. If the mold is not completely removed using this method, you should use a scraping tool to remove all visible mold. Next, you should utilize a mixture of bleach and water solution using ¼ to ½ cup of bleach to 1 gallon of water. Use a clean rag to apply this mixture to the window and allow it to sit for 15 minutes to assure the surface is completely disinfected. Finally, rinse the window casement well with clean water and dry completely. The drying of the casing is vital to prevent any future mold growth. You can also use a fan or the breeze to assure that the window dries completely.

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