Process Of Enlarging Windows


Process Of Enlarging Windows

While replacing your old windows or installing new patio doors, building the basement or putting up a small cosy bedroom up there in the attic are common home improvement tasks, enlarging your windows Mississauga is something that many of us have never even thought about! Getting your windows enlarged can actually make a lot of sense from the aesthetic point of view. Bigger windows let in more light and ensure better ventilation in the interiors. But the problem is, getting the windows of your Mississauga home enlarged is neither a simple task nor is it a DIY project. It is something that should be done minutely and with high level of calculations, failing which it could result in the need for expensive repairs. This article pledges to walk you through the process involved in enlarging your vinyl windows:

 Planning: It is important to plan ahead and determine the exact measure by which you would like to enlarge your windows, and while you’re deciding the same, it is also important to decide the style of window that you would like to install. Now, different style of window opens up differently and requires different amount of space for the same. It is advisable to talk to a professional and seek professional advice, because if you simply decide things by word of mouth then there are possibilities that you land up with a much larger opening than you actually need. Blending the extra space with the rest of the wall turns out to be a difficult task leaving visible areas around your windows as a testament to the poor planning.

 Preparing the area: Prior to starting the work of enlarging your windows and doors, it is important that you prepare the work area. Call in a professional to trim the walls both on the interiors and the exteriors, in order to completely remove the rough framing on the wall on which the window sits. The work of trimming your walls has to be done with utmost care such that it does not damage or disturb the existing structure of the house. Once the window framing is visible, get it inspected for any damage that might have been caused during the trimming process.

 Enlarging the frame: Now that the window frame is exposed your carpenter marks the outward dimension of the new window, on the existing framework. Next, he installs the expanded window frames using two 2×4 double studs. With the new window frames in place your carpenter will then cut away the existing one along with the timeworn sill plate and header. Since the new opening is larger than the older one, so it’s best to install temporary bracing to keep it from clasping.

 Install new header and sill: With the enlarged window frame in place, you can now go ahead with creating the new header two studs of 2x6s. The header is then attached to the double studs of the new frame using framing nails. A new sill is created again using two 2x4s which are attached to the new framework and levelled. Jack studs are then cut to the appropriate length and used to replace the existing ones above and below the new opening.

 Install the new window: Once the new framework, sill and headers are in place, the bigger vinyl windows are ready to be installed in place.

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