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Step by Step Guide on How to Build a Bay Window Seat

Step by Step Guide on How to Build a Bay Window Seat

How to Build a Bay Window Seat.

Window seats are a great way to make any room feel quaint and cozy. And they are surprisingly easy to build if you have the right materials. All you need is a window with a pleasing outdoor view and a few ready-made floating cabinets, cushions, pillows, and other comfy items to customize your window seat. But do you know how to build a bay window seat?

Bay windows seats are actually fairly simple to construct once you acquire the proper materials. Read our step by step guide on how to make a DIY window seat below.

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  • Measure the selected location to the nearest ½ inches. Purchase two 15-inch floating cabinets for the base of the window seat. You can also use a vertical cabinet, open-face bookshelf, or over-the-refrigerator cabinet. If you need more storage space, use additional units. 
  • Using the trim puller or crowbar, remove the baseboards around the window with care to avoid damaging the drywall. 
  • Fit 2×4 or 2×6 boards into a rectangular frame around the window front for the chosen design of your window seat. 
  • Using two 3-inch wood screws, fasten the toe kick to the joints where the boards connect. This will ensure that the frame is tight. 
  • Drive a screw into the wall stud on each corner of the frame and/or the floor to anchor the toe kick. It is best to use plastic screws or a power-actuated tool for this step.
  • Place the cabinets alongside one another inside the toe kick. If your installation measurements are accurate, they should be a perfect fit. 
  • Ensure that the cabinets are flush and centered with each other as well as the wall before utilizing a level to check the orientation.
  • If needed, fill any gaps between the toe kick and cabinet with wooden spacers. You can use leftover boards to create these spaces.
  • Using two 2.5-inch drywall screws, attach the cabinets. The first screw must be inserted into the additional unit from the top unit through the edge of the face frame. To ensure the strength of the connection site, sink the screws in alternating directions. To keep the cabinets flush, use clamps on the face frames before drilling.
  • Fasten the side shelves or cabinets to the seat cabinets. If you wish, you can install one to two additional floating cabinets with the same dimensions on either side of the bench of the window seat. Use 2.5-inch drywall screws to fasten them to the cabinet seats. Additional cabinets flanking the side will provide extra storage space. 

Ways to Customize Your Bay Window Seat

  • Add matching plywood skins to conceal any visible joints.
  • Paint the base of the window seat.
  • Add decorative pillows, cushions, and blankets.

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