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What Style of Bathroom Windows is Best for Your Home

What Style of Bathroom Windows is Best for Your Barrie Area Home

What Style of Bathroom Windows is Best for Your Home

Bathroom windows might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about home window replacement. But if you think about it, you will want the windows in your bathroom to be stylish and have sufficient ventilation and provide energy efficiency.

But how do you know what style of windows Barrie is the best for your bathroom? There are many factors that matter, such as the style and size of your bathroom. The following guide will help you determine what style of bathroom window is the best fit for your home.

Types of Bathroom Windows

Awning Windows

Awning windows are an ideal choice for those who need small bathroom windows. They can be installed solely or in combination with another style of window. As they open outward with a crank, they are a great source of ventilation. Bathrooms need proper ventilation as they tend to be one of the areas in your home where mold tends to form. Awning windows can be opened in any weather condition as they prevent rain, snow, dirt, and debris from penetrating your home but still allow a cool breeze to enter your bathroom. They open with a crank, so they provide ease of operation, and they are also easy to clean and maintain.

Casement Windows

Casement windows operate with a crank similar to awning windows. However, they open vertically rather than horizontally. Like their counterparts, they have a compression seal where the sash meets the flame, so they close airtight to prevent heat loss. They are extremely energy efficient, stylish, and easy to open and close.

Slider Windows

While not as energy efficient as casement or awning windows, slider windows are a good option for bathroom windows. They are less expensive than crank windows. However, since they are less energy efficient, they might cost more money due to higher energy costs over time. They are designed with weather stripping as opposed to a compressed seal, so they are more prone to letting the cold air enter your home.

Things to Keep In Mind When Shopping for Bathroom Windows

 Bathrooms have a higher level of humidity than other rooms in your home due to the increased heat and moisture from the shower and/or bath. This is why having at least one operable window in your bathroom is imperative. It will prevent you from having to rely on an exhaust fan to ventilate your bathroom. As well it can prevent mold from forming in your bathroom. Mold can cause a variety of health issues, not to mention a large expense when it comes time to have it removed by a professional.

Showers and bathtubs can increase the level of humidity in your bathroom. In addition, they can cause the formation of condensation on the glass surfaces of your bathroom. This can eventually prevent your windows from opening properly.  Ventilating your bathroom for 20 minutes a day can drastically reduce the level of humidity in the air, thus, preventing mold from forming.

When it comes to replacing your bathroom windows, you can rely on Total Home Windows and Doors to help you determine what style of windows will best fit your bathroom. Call today for a free estimate and in-home consultation with a member of our staff. We look forward to working with you.

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