Tips for Homeowners: How to Restore Windows

Tips for Homeowners: How to Restore Windows

How to Restore Windows

Are you torn between replacing your old windows or simply repairing them? Restoring your windows can save you a great deal of money if your windows are still in good working condition. But do you know how to restore windows on your own?

First, you will need to determine whether you are able to restore your windows or if you will need total windows replacement? Keep reading to find out how to tell if your windows need to be replaced as well as how to restore your old windows.

Do My Windows Need to Be Replaced or Can I Simply Restore Them?

If any of your windows are still in good working order, you may be able to restore window as opposed to installing replacement windows. However, if you notice such damage as cracks, dents, or rotted wood, it may be time to order new windows. Moreover, if your heating and cooling costs have risen significantly, you may need to get an estimate for more energy-efficient windows. 

Also, if the window frame is damaged, you should consider installing new windows, as there may also be structural damage. Your local windows company can assess the situation and advise you as to which option will work best for you.

Window Restoration

Total window restoration involves replacing and/or repairing any damaged wood, removing and cleaning the windows, and restoring/replacing ironmongery on the frames. Besides, you need to ensure that they are fully operational. 

  • Removal of old paint

Your windows may simply be stuck due to a build-up of old paint. Simply removing and restoring the paint can give your windows a new look while filling in any gaps of wood that have been exposed to the elements.

  • Replace the window cord

To counter balance your sash windows, they are equipped with a pulley system with two pairs of weights. Normal wear and tear can cause the cord to weaken or otherwise damage, which can render your window inoperational. Simply replacing this cord can solve the issue.

  • Replace or repair rotten or warped wood

While older wooden windows are traditional and charming, they will rot or otherwise warp over the years. Restoring them can add years to the lifetime of your windows. This may involve replacing the window frame as well if there is considerable damage.

  • Ironmongery

To maintain the original design of your windows, you can add a polished chrome or brass finish. Let your contractor know if you wish to retain the original ironmongery or have it replaced.

*Unless you are skilled at DIY and restoration projects, you may wish to hire the help of a window restoration company to ensure that the job is done properly.

*Keep in mind that if your windows are no longer energy-efficient, you might wish to replace them with vinyl windows with double or single panes as well as window glazing. Insulated windows can lower your energy costs by as much as forty percent a month. As such, you will notice that your home is comfy no matter the season!

Should you have any future questions on how to restore windows, do not hesitate to contact Total Home Windows and Doors. We can help you determine if your windows can be restored or need replacement. Call us today for a free estimate!

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