Which Is the Better Choice: an Awning Window or a Hopper Window?

Which Is the Better Choice for Replacement Windows an Awning Window or a Hopper Window

Now that summer is just around the corner, many Canadian homeowners are getting ready for window replacement. Hence, they must decide what type of windows will best suit each room in their home. Which is the better choice: a hopper window or an awning window?

Both hopper and awning windows are an ideal choice for basements, kitchens, and bathrooms, as well as other rooms in your home. It is up to your preference. However, the following article will highlight the difference between these two popular styles of replacement windows.

An Awning Vs. Hopper Window: Which Is Best?

Both hopper and awning window designs are similar to a casement window, another popular choice for homeowners in Canada. Awning windows open outward, away from the home, via a hinge. Hopper windows open inward. Both these styles are extremely popular with homeowners, as they fit nicely in such rooms as bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Here are the primary differences between these two styles of windows.

Awning Windows

  • Awning windows are very similar to casement windows, but they are hinged at the top while casement windows are hinged on the side of the window.
  • The design of the sash of an awning window allows it to open outward and away from the home.
  • Awning style windows are manufactured with compression seals, which makes them superior when it comes to energy efficiency.
  • Due to their unique design, awning windows are easy to clean and upkeep.
  • If fresh air and sunlight are your top priority in replacement windows, you cannot go wrong with awning windows, as they can be opened year round due to their design. You can rest assured that this style of window will not allow rain, sleet, or snow to enter your home.

Hopper Windows

  • A hopper window resembles a casement window but is hinged at the top as opposed to the side of the window unit.
  • The sashes on hopper windows allow them to open inward as opposed to outward like awning windows. This is a plus if there is an interface outside your windows.
  • Hopper windows are typically manufactured with weather stripping, which does not compare to compression seals when it comes to energy efficiency. They can be specially ordered at some windows companies with a compression seal, but this will drive up the cost of the hopper window.
  • Hopper windows latch automatically, which keeps them from closing.
  • Hopper windows are smaller than awning windows, as hopper windows are made with double panes.
  • They are easy to clean and their upkeep is minimal.
  • Hopper windows can be installed above fixed windows, as they provide excellent air flow and natural light.

Both awning and hopper window styles can be custom designed to match the look of your home. These modern style windows are a huge selling point if you are looking to put your home on the market. Moreover, they can greatly spruce up your curb appeal.

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