Which Window Blinds Canada Are Best for Your Toronto Area Home?

Which Window Blinds Canada Are Best for Your Toronto Area Home

Which Window Blinds Canada Are Best for Your Toronto Area Home?

Now that you have installed or are ready to install replacement windows in your Toronto area home, you are probably considering window treatments. The right window blinds Canada can help improve the look and vibe of any room of your home.

So, how do you decide what style of window blinds Toronto will best suit your home as well as your windows? Read ahead to find out helpful information on choosing and installing the right blinds for the newly installed windows.

Can I Use My Current Window Blinds on My New Windows?

Chances are you may have installed blinds on your existing windows. You might wish to use them on your new window to save money or you may really like the style of your window blinds Toronto. Is it possible to transfer these blinds to the new windows?

This will depend on the design and installation of your old windows as well as the design and installation of the replacement windows. The majority of full frame installs are geared to match the existing dimensions, so in this case, your current blinds should be a perfect match. However, if you are changing the size or design of the window opening, you may have to purchase new window blinds.

Is It Possible to Drill Window Blind into New Windows?

If you wish to add your existing blinds to your new windows or perhaps attempt to install the new blinds on your own, you need to proceed with caution. If drilling is required, make sure to drill only through the extension of the window jamb. Drilling through the jamb will not make your warranty null and void, but if you wish to remove the blinds at a later time, most windows companies will not replace the jambs for free. You will either be left with unsightly holes or have to replace the jambs yourself, or hire an outside contractor to do so, which is an added expense. Do not drill through the window frame itself, as it will lead to damage from water as well as uncomfortable drafts.

Keep in mind that proper installation of your window blinds allows for a pleasing aesthetic, privacy from nosy neighbors, and prevention of damage from ultraviolet light.

Which Windows Blinds Are Better: Vertical or Horizontal?

Horizontal blinds, or “Venetian blinds”, are ideal for crank style windows, such as awning or casement windows, as they provide easy access. Moreover, they are used on windows that are narrow and tall. Horizontal windows are best for those who want more privacy, as they do not shift or move when closed. In addition, they are better at blocking light. If you pair horizontal blinds with drapes, you will experience almost no light penetration.

Vertical blinds are designed with wider slats; thus, they allow for more sun exposure. They are typically used on sliding patio doors, wide windows, and those rooms in which you want the option for an abundance of natural light. For patio doors, they do not get in the way when opening or passing through the patio door.

Still not sure which style of window blinds Canada is best for your home? At Total Home Windows and Doors, we can help you determine which style of blinds is best for each room and window design. Call us today to shop for replacement windows or for advice on blinds for your new windows.

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