How to Add Natural Light to Your Basement with New Vinyl Windows

How to Add Natural Light to Your Basement with New Vinyl Windows

How to Add Natural Light to Your Basement 

One of the best ways to create additional space in your home is to renovate your basement. Something as simple as installing vinyl windows to provide natural lighting can make a huge difference. In a 2014 report from Statista, 31% of Canadian homeowners renovated their basements.

When most people think of a basement, they envision a dark, gloomy, and damp room. This is not always the case. With high-quality vinyl windows, you can have enough natural light to make your basement one of the focal points of your home.

 Here are some tips to brighten up your basement and make it a comfortable living space.

New Windows

Vinyl windows will provide an unsurpassed amount of natural light for your basement. If there are no windows presently, have new windows installed to allow the sun to lighten up the otherwise darkened basement. Sunlight will provide a fresh and airy feel and natural light that not even the best artificial lights can duplicate.

For high-quality renovations, you should have your vinyl windows installed by a professional window installer. Finding the best service can be a challenge, according to a survey from February 2015. You should be on the lookout for flexible payment options, price benefits, and quality products, the level of experience and quality ratings when choosing a window installation service.

Effectively Store  Shields

In order to brighten up your basement, you need to put every ray of sunlight to good use. If your window shields (i.e.: blinds, curtains or drapes) are not properly structured, they can block sunlight and defeat the purpose of installing new vinyl windows.

You can prevent this from happening by installing the curtain rod above the window by a few inches. You can then pull the curtains above the windows to allow optimum sunlight into your newly renovated basement. If you opt for blinds, be sure that you are can completely expose the window when the blinds are drawn completely. If there is no section of blind preventing the sunlight from entering, you will be exposed to plenty of natural lighting.

Add Mirrors to Your Basement

A strategic mirror can make your basement brighten by reflecting the sunlight from your vinyl windows.

Install Glass Doors for Reflection

If your basement has an entry door, you should consider glass doors to brighten up space with their reflective glare. Sidelight-bearing or French doors are also viable options to help increase the natural lighting.

 Give Your Home an Aesthetic Makeover

A bright and cheery basement will add valuable space to your home. With some nice furniture and creative decor, your basement can serve as a guest room or perhaps a playroom for your children or a family room. You can even use the space as a workout room or perhaps a craft room or maybe even a home theater or media room. A sunny basement will increase your overall home value should you choose to resell.

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