What Are the Best Replacement Windows? Guide for Mississauga Area Homeowners

What Are the Best Replacement Windows? Guide for Mississauga Area Homeowners

What Are the Best Replacement Windows for Your Home?

Now that we are entering a new year, it may be time to upgrade or replace your windows. But what are the best replacement windows for your home? Which are the most cost-effective and energy-efficient? What style of window will best suit your Mississauga home? 

Your local windows and doors Mississauga company can help you determine the best type of windows for your needs. In the meantime, this guide will highlight some of the most popular windows designs for Mississauga homeowners. 

Operational Windows

Awning Windows

Awning windows are a popular choice for windows Mississauga, as they are known for their energy efficiency. These crank-style windows are designed with a compression seal to prevent debris, dirt, and rain as well as air and water leakage from entering your home. As they open outward at the top of the window via the window hinge, they are easy to operate and are a superb source of airflow. Awning windows are most typically installed in harder to reach areas, such as above sinks or countertops in bathrooms, but will work well in most rooms of your home.

Casement Windows

Similar to awning windows, casement windows also open via a hinge. The main difference is that they open on the side as opposed to the top of the window hinge. They are also an excellent source of sunlight and energy efficiency. Another pro of casement windows is that they can be paired with fixed windows to allow for ventilation. In addition, most of today’s casement windows also adhere to the proper standards for egress windows.  

Single and Double Sliding Windows

Due to their ease of access, sliding windows are a popular choice for many Mississauga homeowners. Sliding windows glide vertically along a built-in track and are easy to clean and operate. They also provide a vast amount of natural light as well as ample ventilation for any room of your home. 

Single and Double Hung Windows

Probably the most popular window design in Canadian homes is hung windows. They are also the most affordable windows. Due to the fact that they are designed with weather-stripping as opposed to a compression seal, they are not as energy efficient as crank-style windows. However, they are easy to operate and allow for both sunlight and airflow. They open horizontally rather than vertically like slider windows. 

Fixed or Non-Operational Windows

Bow or Bay Windows

If you wish to add space to any room in your home, bay or bow windows are the perfect solution. Bay windows are ideal if you are thinking of adding a window seat or other cozy space, as they are composed of three windows that jut out. Bow windows consist of four or more windows and also open up any room. Both windows styles are most commonly installed in bedrooms, living rooms, or kitchens, but will work well in almost any area of the home.

Picture Windows

Are there any rooms in your home with large wall space that would allow for more natural light? If so, a picture window is the best choice! They will make any room appear larger with their vast view of your gorgeous outdoor space. If ventilation is needed, they can also be paired with casement windows. Picture windows are a great complement for almost any room of your home including bedrooms, great rooms, and your home office. 

Still not sure what are the best replacement windows for your home? Call the experts at Total Home Windows and Doors. We can meet with you in your home to help you figure out which window design will work for you.

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