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      TH Windows and Doors Niagara Falls

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      Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful and sought-after destinations in the world. Do your part to keep the city shining with replacement windows in Niagara Falls and surrounding areas. New windows brighten up your entire living space and keep your home looking fresh. But it can’t just be any old window. Your new window needs to hit that sweet spot between modern life and the rich heritage which we’ve all come to love

      See our Map of Niagara Falls Windows and Doors Installations!

      Why consider new windows in the Niagara Falls region?

      Total Home windows and Doors carries thousands of unique designs to express your personal style while keeping a smile on the face of your neighborhood association. Whether you’re looking to please yourself or dress up your house for a home sale, we carry multiple options.

      It doesn’t stop at aesthetics. If you find yourself complaining about the barking dogs, grabbing a blanket to shield yourself from that draft, having to turn the lights on in rooms with lots of window space, or cursing every time you open the energy bill, the #1 culprit is poor windows for the Niagara region.

      Replacement windows in Niagara Falls provide layers of comfort. Natural sunshine will light up your favorite rooms. They will keep noise pollution outside where it belongs. They will keep your room temperature exactly where you set it, without the furnace or AC constantly kicking on.

      How is all of this possible? Older windows and doors in Niagara Falls (or even newer poorly constructed windows) have flaws. Old windows have larger frames, decreasing the amount of visible light that enters your home. Your old windows are cracked and warped, making them hard to open and clean and inviting sometimes severe drafts. They are hard to clean and you can feel the temperature change the closer you get to them. In short, they are awful. Modern windows from Total Home solves all of this. Today’s window technology has smaller frames, more insulative panes, easy mechanical operation, and ease of cleaning. Best of all, they’re built to last! The results of all of this is a more enjoyable living space and lower energy bills.

      What makes Total Home Windows and Doors different?

      • Energy-efficient windows that require zero maintenance to look brand-new regardless of the time passed.
      • High-quality windows that are custom-designed inland to meet and exceed the requirements of the standard.
      • 30% savings per month in energy bills.
      • In-house consultation in any area of Hamilton at no cost.
      • Less service calls, less replacement fees, and lower monthly bills all add up to a big improvement
      Windows Hamilton

      Visual Upgrades:

      You would be surprised how drastically new windows can change the appearance of your living space. The right windows will let in more light, make your space look much newer, make your space look bigger, and can even enhance your particular design style.

      Curb appeal:

      When it comes to Hamilton windows, what’s true inside is also true outside. The first thing that a prospective home buyer notices about a house is the overall impression, and windows play a major role in this first impression. New, clean windows make the home looked cared for and secure; two major aspects that home buyers are looking for.


      The sound of the furnace kicking in is noticeable. The feeling of a cold draft is noticeable. The feeling of a much warmer space in your house is noticeable. New windows remove these inconvenient things that we’ve learned to put up with over the years.


      Having windows that are easy to clean is nice, but it’s much more significant than that. You’ll notice a drop in your annual heating and cooling expenses and you’ll also be extending the lifespan of your furnace and air conditioner since they won’t be kicking on and off so often.

      Total Home Windows

      How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Windows in Niagara Falls

      A common reason to replace windows in Niagara Falls and the surrounding cities of Hamilton, Kitchener, Mississauga are to improve style in increase curb appeal value. However, if you’re wondering when it’s time to replace your windows due to deterioration, there are a few telltale signs.

      • The paint is cracked
      • The frames are warped
      • There’s a noticeable draft when it’s windy outside
      • It’s far too easy to hear outside noise
      • Your cooling and heating bills are higher than they ought to be
      • You struggle to open and close your windows

      These are all signs that your windows are no longer air tight. There’s a chance that they can be repaired, which is something that we assess during a free consultation, but usually the better long-term solution is to replace them.

      Windows Replacement Prices Niagara Falls

      Window Type Avg. Price Min Avg.Price Max
      Bay/Bow $2500 $6000
      Casement $390 $950
      Awning window $390 $950
      Sliding window $260 $790
      Single hung window $270 $850
      Window Location Avg. Price Min Avg.Price Max
      Kitchen $350 $850
      Living Room $1200 $2500
      Bedroom $450 $1200
      Basement $250 $650
      Basement Egress $1500 $4000

      Choosing The Right Windows Company In Niagara

      If you need or want replacement windows in Niagara Falls, the next step in your journey is to choose the right installation company. Total Home relies on uncompromised reviews from happy customers. We believe that a good job is its own reward and that a good reputation is the only advertising that truly matters.

      That’s why you can count on us through the entire process. Customer service is where it all starts. Expect courteous behavior, speedy response time, and expertise across the board. Our professional Niagara Falls windows and doors consultants and installation team always have your interests in mind. We’ll work hard to thoroughly understand your vision and find solutions that meet your budget.

      Speaking of budget, we don’t want you to spend a dollar more than you have to. Our relationship with the manufacturers allows us to offer top tier discounts. We add to this with our very own promotions and specials, and we guarantee we will beat the competition by 5% on competitive quotes.  A history of industry excellence. Professional customer service and installation. The best selection and style. The lowest price in the industry. Add this all together and you have a Niagara Falls windows replacement company that you can be proud of.

      Total Home Doors

      Contact Total Home Windows and Doors for entire home improvement needs, our highly knowledgeable and friendly staff is always willing to answer your questions. We look forward to doing business with you.

      Call: 416-661-6666

      Niagara Falls Windows and Doors Reviews

      We were thrilled with our experience with Toronto Doors and Windows. From start to finish, the staff we dealt with were helpful, honest and upfront about expectations. Price was reasonable, and installation was completed over 2 days with very little disruption in our busy house. (7 windows and new front door).I would highly recommend Toronto Doors and Windows. Thank you! - William Jackson - 2 weeks ago 

      The staff were very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and very courteous and efficient. The installation was amazing how fast and beautifully the work was completed and how thorough they were . - Albert Cook - 3 weeks ago 

      Great service, would definitely hire again for any windows project. Thank you! - Mara Lang - 3 weeks ago 

      Great Experience! The team that came was super efficient and finished work in 1 day! Sales representative was very helpful and made the process very smooth. - Sara Kodra - 3 weeks ago 

      Vitaly is excellent at what he does. Very knowledgeable and gave great customer service. the windows are the best you can find in the market. I highly recommend him and his company. - Clarc Mithel - 3 weeks ago 

      Awesome service by Vitaly and his crew. The windows they installed are perfect and the glass is first choice. I highly recommend them. - Flodesh Leora - 3 weeks ago 

      Installation was awesome. Vitaly and crew did the install. Their attention to detail was impeccable. Well worth the wait! - Sequen Lant - 3 weeks ago 

      HIGHLY recommend Total Home Windows and Doors for windows! Not often I want to give a review but they truly did a great job with our windows! - Yazida Wamr - 3 weeks ago 

      I did thorough research on window companies near me before deciding on Total Home. Their over the phone service was professional and respectful, while their on the job service was performed well and their productivity remained high. Thank you so much for your assistance. - Gurmin Saltun - 1 month ago 

      Windows are good so was the install. It’s a well run company with quality service. We will be coming back. Thanks - Sandra Scott - 1 month ago 

      We recently had all our windows and two doors replaced in our home. From the very beginning we felt we had made the right choice with Total Home Windows and Doors and now with the work complete we couldn't be any more thrilled with the result! Customer service, professional installation, product quality are all top notch. - Adea Leka - 1 month ago 

      Great company to deal with. They came in a reasonable price and upgraded my windows at no extra charge. Highly recommended! - Oliver Hafer - 1 month ago 

      We had their windows and doors installed in our new home. Sales staff and installers did a great job from start to finish. We could be more happier. We will reccomend Total Home Windows and Doors to our family and friends. - nina gabriyel - 1 month ago 

      Total Home Windows and Doors is the best. Total professionals and they do outstanding work at a very reasonable price. They repaired a rotten casement window and it works like new! If you need to have windows repaired or replaced, Total Home Windows and Doors is the company you can trust to do a fantastic job! - William Thorn - 1 month ago 

      I couldn’t get enough of my newly installed windows from Total Home Windows and Doors. They were perfect for my living room, providing great light and also it is very classy. I love the design. I might purchase another set for my kitchen. I will definitely replace all the old windows in my house now with yours. - Matthias Leon - 1 month ago 

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