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Enhance your home and protect your wallet with Total Home’s collection of ENERGY STAR-certified windows and doors.

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Total Home Windows and Doors Best Award Winner

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Total Home Windows & Doors in Kitchener

Total Home Windows and Doors has been providing Kitchener windows and door solutions for years, and we thank you for the privilege.

The strategy Total Home Windows and Doors puts to use in Kitchener and surrounding areas is take the time to understand your needs and goals, educate you about materials, styles, and technology, provide accurate schedules, install windows and doors with this highest standards, leave the workplace clean, and always provide the best price.

This strategy has resulted in outstanding online customer reviews and our mission is to maintain this reputation. Expect to be treated as our most valuable customer.

Our Service Promises

Factory-direct Prices

Total Home products are proudly manufactured in Canada. You get windows directly from the manufacturer, bypassing the middleman and maximizing your savings.


Total Home guarantees each window and doors installation project for life. Any manufacturing defect or installation deficiency will be corrected free of charge.

Certified Installers

We exclusively hire certified window and door experts who are familiar with the area and construction history. It's our way of ensuring professional accuracy, industry standards, and a smooth installation process.

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Replacement Windows

Increase Your House Value

Replacement Windows in Kitchener

You work too hard to put up with your money flying out the window. Warped frames, chipped paint, and cracked glass all mean that your windows are no longer energy efficient. It’s time for a window replacement in Kitchener. Otherwise, your air conditioner will need to be repaired more often and replaced sooner, and your energy bills will continue to climb.

Total Home Windows and Doors supplies throughout the entire GTA and surrounding areas:  Hamilton, GTA and Mississauga. Working with Total Home Windows and Doors for new windows in Kitchener will keep air and noise pollution, and pesky drafts outside where they belong.

But that’s just the beginning. Investing into a window replacement delivers value. The outside of your home will benefit from much more curb appeal and will have the appearance of being clean and well maintained. All of this adds up to short term savings and long term profit when it’s time to sell your home.

Our premium windows and doors in Kitchener are matched with superior installation and the lowest prices possible. This combination has led to hundreds of 5-star reviews over the past 17 years, and put all of this experience to full use in every project. 

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Windows Replacement Prices in Kitchener

These prices will help you get a better understanding of the approximate costs of your window replacement project.

Window TypeAvg. Price MinAvg.Price Max
Awning window$390$950
Sliding window$260$790
Single hung window$270$850
Window Location Avg. Price Min Avg.Price Max
Kitchen $350 $850
Living Room $1200 $2500
Bedroom $450 $1200
Basement $250 $650
Basement Egress $1500 $4000
Total Home Exterior Doors Ontario

Custom-made doors for the Perfect Fit

Exterior Doors in Kitchener

Homeowners lover exterior doors in Kitchener, especially when they come from Total Home Windows and Doors.

Our selection of garden doors, patio doors, fiberglass doors, and steel doors cannot be beat. When it comes to manufacturing quality, security, ease of use, and longevity, our door are always top of the line. We can create any look you desire by combining all of the hardware, finishes, colors, decorative glass, and materials that we have at our disposal. 

Our team supports these superior exterior doors in Kitchener with unsurpassed customer service and installation expertise. We love providing you with the technology that you can rely on for a lifetime and the style that breathes new life into your home’s aesthetic. 

Protecting your home has never been easier than with great deals from Total Home. Thanks to new technology such as multi point locks, self-drying frames, magnetic weather stripping, and lightweight cores that insulate better, you can lean back and take advantage of our low prices and expert installers, as we raise the equity of your home and introduce your family to a whole new world of comfort.

Exterior Doors Avg. Price Min Avg. Price Max
Vinyl patio doors $1,500 $5,000
Steel doors $1,500 $5,000
Fiberglass doors $2,500 $10,000
Storm doors $900 $2,000
Garden doors $3,500 $5,000

Best Price Guarantee

Exterior Doors Prices in Kitchener

Discover competitive prices on a wide selection of exterior doors to enhance your home or business. Find the perfect entry solution to suit your needs and budget.

Total Home Blinds

Total Solutions

Window Blinds Kitchener

Windows can drastically improve the curb appeal of your homes. Similarly, the combination of windows and blinds can drastically improve the aesthetic appeal of your indoor space.

Total Home Windows & Doors specializes in window products, installation, and beautification. This unified approach ensures that your windows and drapes compliment each other, and avoids the hassle of having to design and buy from two different vendors.

Our windows and drapes experts are ready to help you with your design dreams.

Greener Homes Loan

Government’s program aimed at energy-efficient retrofits

Up to
$ 40000
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Kitchener Customer Feedback

Total Home Windows and Doors is successful because of people like you. Your neighbours have consistently chosen Total Home because of our affordability and customer service, and we’re dedicated to continuing this level of service to protect our reputation of outstanding satisfaction and earning your testimonial.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should windows and doors be replaced?

If neglected, window seals will start to weaken or fail within a few years. However, Total Home products combined with proper maintenance can expand your windows’ lifespan to 15-20 years before this begins to happen. Throughout this time, your new windows will reduce your energy bills the second they are installed.


Windows and doors are designed to (1) provide you access to the outdoors while (2) protecting you from the elements. Windows and doors (3) are individual decorative elements that (4) contribute to the overall design of your home that (5) provide crucial ventilation and sunlight.

In short, Yes. Many homeowners will replace their windows 1-by-1 as needed, but replacing them all at once reduces the time and effort that go into ordering, delivery, and prep time. The sweet-spot for savings is between five to eight windows. Because we value our customers’ budgets, we recommend reaching out to a handy person for single-window projects.

Our Latest Projects

Revamped this abode by replacement windows and adding blinds achieving both enhanced aesthetics and improved privacy for the homeowners

The townhouse in Oakville includes 17 casement windows replacement and a fiberglass patio door installation. The project took just two days.

Revitalized this home by installing 21 new windows and replacing all exterior doors harmonizing aesthetics with practicality effortlessly

Revitalized this home by installing 21 new windows and replacing all exterior doors harmonizing aesthetics with practicality effortlessly

Enhanced this dwelling with a renewal of 12 windows, elevating its allure while ensuring optimal functionality throughout

Enhanced this dwelling with a renewal of 12 windows, elevating its allure while ensuring optimal functionality throughout

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