Width of Exterior Door and Other Measurements for Entry Doors

Width of Exterior Door and Other Measurements for Entry Doors

Exterior Door Sizes: Height, Width and Other Measurements

When it comes time to replace your exterior doors, you need to make sure you have the measurements correct. This includes the width of exterior door as well as the height and other details.

The following article will tell you how to determine the measures for exterior doors. This will help you when you are choosing replacement entry doors for your home.

Keep in mind that when it comes to door sizes, there is no guide for normal exterior doors. There are different types of entry doors such as front doors, garden doors, patio doors and so on. 2 inches thick, 80 inches tall and 36 inches wide is the most common entry door size but some doors can be even taller, depending on the style of home. 

As well, entry doors can have add on such as transoms or sidelights. They can also be installed as double or single entry doors. All of these factors play into the height, size and width of exterior door replacements. 

If you have custom built home or an older home, a standard door size might not fit to your home. You should always take the time to measure the door to ensure that you are getting the right size before ordering your new entry door. Ordering the wrong size door will cost you time and money.

Standard Door Dimensions

The common door measurements stated above refers to the door panel, not the frame. The door frame is installed into the rough opening, thereby extending beyond the panel. Thus, the rough opening is typically ⅜ inch higher and ¾ inch wider than the frame itself.

The wall cladding (siding) on the exterior side should be ¼ inch taller and ¾ wider than the door installation fin. This is determined by measuring the door width at the outermost edges at the jam installing fin. For the height of the door you would use the uppermost edge of the door frame sill at the head fin. 

When replacing your entry door, you also have the option to change the size a bit, as long as the dimension of the new door adheres to the size of the existing rough opening. For example, replacing a single door with double doors can give your home a more elegant and refined feel. As well, a larger door can make your entry way look more warm and inviting. 

Typically, if you are upgrading to a larger door, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. This includes the size of the entryway. If your foyer is small, double or lager doors may not work. 

Also, consider the depth of the wall parallel to the then entry door. Make sure the wall is deep enough before you decide to go with a larger door. This is especially important if your stairway is located near the door in question. Make sure that the door can open without being impeded by the bottom of the stairs. 

Of course, before you order your replacement entry door for any area of your home, you should consult your contractor. They can help ensure that you obtain the correct measurements for the door. As well, they can give you advice for enhancements such as safety light, side lights, hardware, transoms and so on.

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