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There are many reasons why homeowners chose to replace their windows and doors in Oshawa. Whatever the reason is, you need to make sure that your replacement windows are worth the cost. As they require very little upkeep, vinyl windows are well worth the investment. As a bonus, their energy efficiency properties can save you a great deal of money on your energy costs.

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Windows Replacement Prices Oshawa

Window TypeAvg. Price MinAvg.Price Max
Awning window$390$950
Sliding window$260$790
Single hung window$270$850
Window LocationAvg. Price MinAvg.Price Max
Living Room$1200$2500
Basement Egress$1500$4000

How long has it been since you examined the condition of your Canada windows and doors? Are they starting to rust or warp? Are they getting harder to operate? If you are not satisfied with your current doors and windows, it may be time for a replacement. At Total Home Windows and Doors, we can help you choose the right windows and doors for your home.

Signs That It Is Time To Replace Your Windows And Doors In Oshawa

Some of the signs that it is time for replacement windows and doors are quite obvious, such as cracks or broken hardware. However, some signs are more subtle. You might need to consult a member of our helpful staff to determine if you need to mend or replace your doors and windows. Following are some of the reasons you can tell if your windows and doors are starting to deteriorate.

Air Leakage

Are you starting to experience more drafts in your home? Seepage is a clear indicator that your windows Oshawa are in need of repair or replacement. The air leak may be coming from cracks or dents between the window sashes that have occurred with normal wear and tear. A quick fix such as new caulking can help for a short time, but eventually, you will need to remedy the situation with new windows.

Overall Appearance

Do you notice how your windows and doors look as you pull into your driveway? Are they starting to look a bit shabby? A fresh coat of paint can only hold up for a limited time, so the ideal solution is to invest in new windows.

Higher Energy Costs

Have your energy bills increased recently? This could be due to the fact that your heat or air conditioning units have had to work harder to help regulate the temperature inside your home. Poorly insulated windows can drive up your energy costs significantly. Today’s Canada windows and doors can be manufactured of Low-E glass and inert gases between the window panes for better energy efficiency.

Why Choose Us For Replacement Windows and Doors In Oshawa

We Can Help Choose the Best Window Style for Your Home

In many cases, the current style of windows in your home might be the best fit. However, some of the newer window styles might enhance the look of your home. In fact, you might even opt for more than one style of window. A picture window might work well in your home office while awning windows will complement your kitchen. Our staff can help you choose the best style of windows for your Oshawa area home.

Our Oshawa Windows Are Highly Energy Efficient

At Total Home Windows and Doors, all of our products are manufactured to help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature while reducing overall energy consumption in your home. You will certainly notice a difference in your heating and cooling costs with our Energy Star certified windows and doors. We can help you choose the best combination of insulation properties for your needs.

We Can Help You Choose the Right Material for Your Oshawa Windows

Once you have decided on a style and level of energy efficiency for your windows, we can help you select the best material. It is best to choose a windows Oshawa material that will not warp, rot, or rust so that the windows last for a long time. We can discuss the different options for your windows material. You will be impressed with our selection of quality vinyl windows.

In addition to helping you choose the best quality windows, we can also advise you on new exterior and interior doors for your home. You will not be disappointed with our selection, and we can even custom design our replacement windows and doors to match your home.

At Total Home Windows and Doors, we have a large stock of Canada windows and doors that can fit any budget. Moreover, we offer financing options as we know that new windows and doors can be quite costly. Check out our website to complete an application for financing for your doors and windows.

Contact Total Home Windows and Doors today to get a free in-home consultation along with a quote for replacement windows and doors in Oshawa. No project is too large or too small for our knowledgeable staff. We look forward to working with you to find the best windows and doors for your home.

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