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6 Popular Window Treatments to Choose in 2023

6 Popular Window Treatments to Choose in 2020

6 Popular Window Treatments to Choose in 2023

Homeowners everywhere will agree that windows are a key component in the home. They are the first thing a visitor sees upon arrive as they a first welcoming glimpse to your humble abode. It is important to keep your windows in working condition. Not only do they add aesthetics to the home, but they also display a sense of style and fashion. So why not opt for windows that are both contemporary and energy efficient? You can have it all with the most contemporary and efficient windows in your area.

A pleasing atmosphere consists of more than just the style of the windows; it also encompasses window placement, size and functionality. Stylish and functional windows Vaughan will increase your home value, add style and help you conserve energy year round.

How to Dress Up Your Windows in Vaughan in 2023:

  1. Add bay windows to open up your home with an extra dimension of visual space. Bay windows can add to your home value as they make your room seem larger and they also add more natural light while providing access to a scenic outside view. They can add both functionality and aesthetics to any home.
  1. Place windows in higher areas. This will allow more natural light to enter. Spaces such above doors or counters will open up a room, making it look and feel more stylish and inviting.
  1. Install larger windows to allow more maximum light and air flow. These also will open up a room. This is a growing trend thanks to improved insulation, which also greatly helps reduce energy costs.
  1. Opt for colored window sills. While white tones are the most common and seemingly the easiest to match, they aren’t as aesthetically appealing. Colored window sills can easily match any room’s decor to give it some extra flair.
  1. Little touches such as handles lock and cranks can drastically improve the functionality of any windows. As well, they give your home a modern look with half the cost of new windows or structural changes.
  2. By upgrading to multi-functional windows, it will leave an impression on future homeowners. Factors such as quality of material, proper installation, stylish design and multi-functionality are being taken into serious consideration before making a selection for new windows for home improvement or new construction


Any combination of the above will guarantee you a great investment return. Simple changes can result in savings and an increase in home value and curb appeal. Your home will stand out and you can have peace of mind in knowing that you have multi-purpose, stylish and energy efficient windows that will last for years, with proper care and simple routine maintenance.

When it comes time to upgrade or enhance your windows, contact Total Home Windows and Doors. We offer a large selection of high quality and stylish windows. Our friendly staff is willing and waiting to answer any of your questions. Call us today to get started!

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