Learning How to Remove Tape Residue from Your Windows

Learning How to Remove Tape Residue from Your Windows

Learning How to Remove Tape Residue from Your Windows

Duct tape is an item that is commonly used on windows for a number of different reasons. It is used during insulation and while painting. Duct tape is good for a million and one different uses. It can be really handy during home projects. However, the only problem with using duct tape is the residue that it leaves behind. Learning how to remove tape residue can be a great lesson to pay attention to.

Do Not Scrape Tape Residue off of Your Vinyl Windows

Spending the day scrubbing tape residue off of your windows is the last thing that people want to do. Save yourself some time and f of your windows. Scraping tape residue off of your vinyl windows is going to damage them. It may seem like small damage, but homeowners do not want to deal with unnecessary damage. Scraping tape residue off of windows and doors Barrie is the last thing that you want to do. There are other ways to get rid of tape residue.

Use a Gentle Cleanser and a Soft Rag

Knowing how to remove tape residue is very good information to have. The best way to remove this residue from your windows is to use a gentle cleanser and a soft rag. First, you should put on protective gloves to keep your hands safe from harmful chemicals. Then, you have the option of spraying the cleanser on the rag or directly on the window. It does not really matter which method you choose. If you choose to spray the cleanser directly on the window, it is suggested to let it sit for a minute so you do not have to scrub as much.

Be Careful Not to Ruin the Window Finish

Once you have put on gloves and applied the cleanser, begin to softly scrub the window. Do not scrub too hard or you will ruin the finish of the window. Open a window if you are using a cleanser with a harsh chemical. It is best to scrub in small circles to avoid putting too much pressure on one spot.

Good Old Fashioned Soap and Water

When you have finished lightly scrubbing the window, use a different clean rag to wash the window with plain old warm water and soap. This gentle cleanser will not hurt the finish of the window at all. The soap and water can help loosen some of the residues that are left. When you remove duct tape residue, do not be too aggressive in your scrubbing. After applying the soap and water to remove duct tape residue, you can feel free to clean your windows to remove streaks.

Getting rid of residue is mostly common sense. Contact Total Home Windows and Doors to learn more information about how to get rid of tape residue on your vinyl windows.

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