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Evolution Of Glass Types For Windows

Evolution Of Glass Types For Replacement Windows Whitby

Evolution Of Glass Types For Windows 

Windows have dramatically evolved over the last few years and they are now completely different from what people used to see a decade ago. The primary reason behind is the realization of the importance of glass inserts and architectural values. In Roman era, broadsheet glass was used in Britain that consisted of elongated glass blown balloons. Once the blowing process was completed, the ends were detached carefully and cylindrical sections were flattened and split on the iron plates.

The downside of the glass was its poor quality and small size that wasn’t practical to be used for any other purpose except leaded lights. With changing era and technological advancements, other types of glasses were introduced and now, following types are used in the replacement windows and doors Whitby.

Crown Glass

With poor quality and inefficiency, broadsheet glass are not produced anymore! Until 14th Century, crown glasses were brought from France but due to their higher cost, people stopped to incorporate them in their replacement windows . The glass was manufactured by blowing a molten glass sphere that is opened from the end and was opposite to the blowpipe. When the glass was still hot, it was moved in the circular motion and the end product was quite better than broadsheet predecessor.

Polished Plate Glass

In the late 18th Century, polished plate window glasses started to gain popularity because they were manufactured with a different procedure that included casting a glass sheet on a solid surface and giving it shape through hand-grinding and then polishing. Although the process was effective in producing large sizes of glass panes, the manufacturers used to charge high because they also had to incur a significant amount. In other words, it can be said that polished plate glasses were only for wealthier people who had the buying power to purchase them.

Advancements In Glass Types

In the beginning of 19th Century, laminated glass was introduced with a thin film of plastic incorporated between the two glass sheets. The main aim of the sheets was to ensure safety and strength of the glass panes. The concept turned out to be a great success and it was transferred to the 20th Century where, manufacturers adopted mass production technique and efficiently reduced the cost to facilitate customers with larger glass sheets.

Modern Window Glasses – Clearer and Safer Than Ever!

Replacement windows in GTA and in Whitby manufacturers didn’t stop to modify window glasses because they had identified homeowners’ needs and by anticipating the future, they improved glass-making technology and nowadays, there are stronger, clearer and safer glass types available in the market. The glasses are not only visually appealing but, they tend to make the home energy efficient and add value to home’s value through their shine and glow.

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