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Features and Benefits of Smart Windows for Your Home

Features and Benefits of Smart Windows for Your Home


Smart technology seems to have taken over our lives from televisions to cell phones and cars. But, did you know that thanks to recent developments from windows and doors manufacturers, you are now able to get smart windows for your home?

In the following article, we shall highlight the main features of smart windows. This is beneficial to those who are considering window replacement in the near future. These innovations could save homeowners are a great deal of time, energy, and money in the long run and are well worth the initial investment.

Smart Windows: Features & Benefits

Power Windows

Solar heating and solar panels have become increasingly popular with those homeowners who are looking to lower energy costs while helping the environment at the same time. Recent technology has developed transparent luminescent solar concentrators that will keep the heat without blocking the window, unlike its predecessors. These house smart windows are designed with tiny organic molecules that will absorb sunlight to provide electricity without obstructing the view from the window.

In addition, there is a patent-pending groundbreaking spray coating that can generate electricity using hydrogen-carbon to create heat and electricity without hindering the view.

Bird-Friendly and Energy Efficient Smart Windows

How many of us have witnessed a poor innocent bird fly into a window resulting in its death or injury? This smart window technology has a coating that is patterned thus being visible to birds but not the human eye. It can be combined with low-E coatings for energy efficiency on both insulated and laminated glass windows.

Multi-Transparent Smart Windows

Did you know that you can change your window view from opaque to clear with a simple touch of a button? This is ideal for keeping your home cool during the summer. Also, it provides privacy when needed.

Thanks to electrochromic technology, these smart windows can change from clear to tinted in as little as seven minutes. This technology is still in development, as it needs to be improved slightly before it can be released to the consumer for commercial or home use.

Smart Cleaning Windows

By now, you have probably seen the robotic vacuum cleaners that were all the rage a few years ago. Recent developments have created robotic smart window cleaners that operate via motor powered section. These robotic cleaners are especially handy for those hard-to-reach areas. There are several styles of these robotic cleaners available, such as battery operated, remote control, and based on a type of cleaner (brush vs. pad, etc.).

As the above technology for smart windows is still fairly new (or awaiting a patent), it can be a bit costly. However, the benefits of this innovative smart window technology will far outweigh its cost.

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