Which Style of Window to Choose: Awning Window, Slider Windows, or Casement Windows?


Which Style of Window to Choose: Awning Window, Slider Windows, or Casement Windows?

If you are not familiar with house flipping, it is a process where you buy a house, upgrade it, and sell various properties of it. It is a project that requires a lot of investments and also maintenance. When upgrading the houses, people prefer awning windows over the other windows. The reason is that most buyers tend to pay more attention to the windows when buying houses. This is one of the window design that will guarantee you large sums of money for your house.

However, there are also other designs of replacement windows that are efficient and attractive to the buyers. Read about them here and get to know the benefits offered by each window style and the one ideal for investment properties.

  •  Awning window

If you are planning to purchase replacement windows in Toronto, awning window usually is one of the low-cost choices for you. Practically, they are very effective because they are one of the few window designs that you can leave open in a rainy day because they can hinder water from penetrating in the structure. Technically, the water flows along the panes and drips to the bottom.

This makes them most suitable for enhancing the flow of air regardless of the weather type. Besides they can be manufactured from various materials such as wood, vinyl, and aluminium. This implies they can be customized to suit the entire interior of your home.

  • Slider Windows

This design is composed of two sections, one which is operable and the other which remains intact. However, with recent advancements, there are slider windows with entire sections which are operable. When it is the time of carrying out window replacements in Toronto, many investment property owners opt for slider windows because of their simple installation process.

Also, simple and double slider windows are easy to operate and facilitate smooth flow of air in the room. The other advantage is that their design is simple and doesn’t make the room appear messy, hence making them suitable for smaller areas.

  • Casement Windows

This is another impressive replacement window style that investors find irresistible to use. This design of window resembles picture windows, but their functionality is entirely different as their panes are capable of opening by swinging out to either side.

Casement windows are dual purpose windows in that they can keep drafts at bay or allow air flow through it. This is possible especially in cases where one side can open in both directions because they can ‘scoop’ the air from outside to the inside of the room with ease. These design of casement windows can be made from vinyl materials or any other material recommended by the owner of the property.

In conclusion, based on the above-elaborated benefits, the decision of choosing the best style for investment properties lies with you. Either you opt for awnings Toronto windows, casement windows, or slider windows, the one you choose will serve your intended purpose.

If you find yourself stuck in making the right choice, consult your contractor for professional guidance.

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