How to Take Care of Vinyl Windows: Tips for Maintaining Your New Windows

how to take care of vinyl windows

How to Take Care of Vinyl Windows: Tips for Maintaining Your New Windows

Vinyl replacement windows are a great investment for any homeowner. However, to ensure that they function properly and last for many years, you need to know how to take care of vinyl windows.

The following article will give you tips on maintenance and care for your new vinyl windows. Keeping them in good condition will keep help them maintain their durability, functionality, and energy efficiency for many years.

How to Take Care of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl replacement windows that are in good working condition can keep your home comfortable year-round. As well, they will remain secure and durable, not to mention function properly. You work hard to earn your money, so you want to make sure that your new windows last for a long time. Here are some simple tips to help keep your windows in working condition,

How to Clean New Windows

  1. Clean the Window Glass

People often put off cleaning their windows as they consider this to be a tedious task. However, window cleaning is not that complicated. The best tip we can give you is to not clean your windows under direct sunlight. Direct light will cause them to dry much faster, thus leaving behind a residue that can cause streaks.

Make a mixture of warm water and dish soap, and use a clean sponge or cloth to wash the window glass in a circular motion. Then rinse the cloth with clean water and then wipe away any remaining residue. Allow to air dry.

*If you live in an area with hard water, you can use a vinegar-based spray cleaner to clean your windows.

*To remove paint or grease, use a mild abrasive and a wet cloth. Only clean the area that is affected. Wash off using warm soapy water. Make sure to rinse thoroughly with clean water.

  1. Clean the Window Frame

Use either a mild spray cleaner or warm water and mild soap to clean your vinyl window frames. Using a soft brush or new/clean cloth to remove all the residual product. If you have stubborn spots, use a low abrasive cleaner. Never use harsh cleaners or strong pressure sprays or solvents as these can damage the window frame.

  1. Clean the Window Hardware

Use a gentle household cleaner and a soft cloth to clean the hinges, rollers, gears, tracks, cranks, and locking mechanisms on your windows. Make sure to rinse thoroughly and wipe dry gently.

  1. Clean Your Window Screens

You can use a small soft brush to gently vacuum the screens of your windows. As well, you can remove them and wash them in a shower with warm water and mild soap. Allow them to air dry or dry them completely and carefully with a towel before putting them back in the window.

If you have another question on how to take care of vinyl windows, feel free to call the experts at Total Home Windows and Doors. We can give you advice on how to maintain your energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows.

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