Add Style to Your Historic Home With Architectural Windows

Add Style to Your Historic Home With Architectural Windows

Add Style to Your Historic Home With Architectural Windows

If you are interested in owning a unique home with lots of character and charm, then consider purchasing a historic home. None of your friend’s homes will be able to compare to the unique architectural style and details of your historic home. Details like that aren’t even put to use in architecture these days so you will indeed have a unique and special flair to your home.

Sadly, most historical homes will be in need of some renovations and upkeep as the original materials are starting to decay over time due to factors like natural aging and the elements.

Windows are one of the key components that are most often in need of replacement as the wooden windows and sashes have become rotten or warped as they have aged. Either that or the windows have been painted over one time too many so they don’t even open at all anymore. Even the finest windows and doors can become warped with dirt over the years of repeated use and weather damage.

There are those who would say that you should maintain the wooden window on these historical Toronto homes. However, if you opt for the best vinyl windows and doors in Toronto, you can provide additional protection for your historic home, as they help prevent water damage and deter pests from entering your home.

Below are a few key factors to help you find the best vinyl windows and doors in Toronto for your historic home.

Architectural Windows

A lot of historic homes are designed with round windows or windows with rounded edges. There may be even better windows designed in the shapes of scallops, flowers, and hearts. Architectural windows will be able to match these shapes while still including the benefits of modern vinyl windows. Make sure to choose the right color to match the aesthetics of your historical home.

Contour Series Windows

A lot of people believe that vinyl windows give a flat or plastic appearance, and are thus not aesthetically pleasing, which is why they oppose upgrading to vinyl windows in a historic home. However, the designers of the Contour Series are aware of these concerns. These vinyl windows contain finely sculpted lines so they are indeed similar to windows with wood grain. These windows have a softer, more delicate-looking surface and provide less glare than other windows.

The Contour Series vinyl windows are available in many colors, including some that are surprisingly similar to wood stains, thus maintaining the integrity and aesthetic appeal of the historic home.

Single-Hung Windows

The majority of the historic homes in Toronto were built with single-hung windows. These are simple square windows that have a bottom sash one must lift in order to open. If you wish to replicate the original look, there are single-hung vinyl windows available. However, double-hung windows are more reasonable as they open with both panes which allow in the more light and fresh air. Double-hung windows are also much easier to clean and maintain.

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