Colored Vinyl Windows – Are They Worth Your Investment?

Colored Vinyl Windows - Are They Worth Your Investment

Colored Vinyl Windows – Are They Worth Your Investment?

Colored vinyl windows and doors are the best way to give your home a sleek and sophisticated appearance or can even work to maintain the existing look.

Even though white vinyl windows and doors Toronto look modern and clean, some homeowners are looking for an extra flair. If you are one of them, Total Home Windows and Doors suggest you go for custom products as they will be manufactured according to your home’s requirements.

But, how would you be able to make a decision? Well, this depends on the company you have hired as every company has its own color range and they specialize in certain manufacturing techniques. Total Home Windows and Doors can offer more than 20 color options, meaning that you have a wide range to choose the best color based on what goes best with your interior.

When it comes to choosing colored windows, the company actually talks about its appearance. But, why wouldn’t you consider the interior?

It is necessary to keep in mind that not every company in Canada manufactured colored casings and jambs to complement the windows. However, Total Home Windows and Doors can do it for you! They will give the best solution by offering wooden casings and jambs because you can paint wood in the way you want, meaning that its color will be just according to the window’s requirements. The thing to keep in mind is that it cannot give a seamless look, no matter if the tint matches it perfectly.

Once you have chosen Total Home Windows and Doors, be sure to ask whether their experts can make colored casing and jambs for custom windows. What else should you consider while selecting custom vinyl windows? Here are some factors:

  • Colored vinyl windows and doors usually take some time to manufacture and if you try to fasten the process, the result will be quite disappointing. If your project would take 6 to 8 weeks, the company would need a little bit time just to make sure that everything will be perfect.
  • The warranty period for PVC is shorter whereas, you will be having a warranty time of 20 to 25 years on white vinyl. Colored windows are guaranteed for 10 to 15 years so it is necessary to have complete knowledge about the warranty terms of windows you want to install.
  • As we all know that colored vinyl windows and doors Toronto are affected by the sun rays, it is important to take care of what material you are using as darker materials can absorb more light as compared to whites. Sun-facing windows are capable of wrapping and changing shape that results in the decrease of performance and efficiency.

Available Style

Most of the people have misconception that colored vinyl windows are available in limited choices. What they do not realize is that vinyl is a flexible and versatile material, meaning that it is molded in any shape, design or size. In other words, every homeowner would easily have something of his/her own choice. They are selected any sort of design or style they want.

No More Painting and Scraping

Old window models usually need more care and attention than occasional cleaning. The worst thing is that wooden sashes and framework usually need scraping of paint flakes in order to get a new coat. However, the case is completely different with vinyl windows. They usually need least or no maintenance for a significant time period.

Vinyl has the ability to sustain its color. The coating on windows avoids quick fading, meaning that the components can look new and fresh for many years, without demanding maintenance or repair.

Here, the thing to mention is that not all windows and doors Toronto are provided with colored options. Casement windows have regular crank handles rather than fold-down crank. Or you can say that quality should be your priority because Total Home Windows and Doors can do well with white vinyl windows and doors Toronto.

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