How To Get Your Home Rennovation Done – Process Overview


How To Get Your Home Rennovation Done – Process Overview

As we all know, custom windows replacement is a multi-tier process. Starting from the day you sign the contract with your service provider till the time it is actually installed, the entire process takes approximately 6-8 weeks of time or even more, if not less. Aimed to offer effective and efficient services to all homeowners out there with little or no waiting time, gives an insight into the process involved in ordering a replacement service.

Choose a window company wisely: Choosing a window company is one of the most crucial things involved as far as windows replacement is concerned. So be a wise decision maker and choose a company that can offer you with world-class window replacement and installation experience starting from the beginning through the end. Always be on the lookout for subtle signs like the customer care team’s response to your questions, the project consultants and their ways of handling your requests, do they offer warranty on the workmanship etc.

Placing order: The type of windows you choose and its size, play a crucial role in determining the time it takes to get the same manufactured, shipped and installed. While getting the basic and standard windows installed takes not more than 4-6 weeks of time, custom windows replacement with add-on features like better insulation, extra layers of glass protection, superior quality window frames increases the replacement and installation timeline. So depending upon your nature of choice and requirement, place your orders accordingly keeping in mind the turn-around time required for custom solutions.

Contract: Once you place the order and sign the contract, as per the law of the land, there’s usually a 10-day cooling off period before your order is actually processed. This period is usually given to make sure that you’ve made up your mind to go for a windows replacement service. If you want you can cancel your order during this time. Alternatively, if you’re all set and decided and want to expedite the entire process of installing the replacement unit, then you can choose to waive that clause and your window manufacturer will process your order immediately.

Make faster decisions: If you want your windows replacement unit to be delivered and installed fast, then it is important that you complete all formalities at your end and co-operate with the team of professionals to help them execute the project faster. Make sure that your contract is not incomplete and when the team of project consultants visit your place for a site inspection make sure to let them know your taste, preferences and what you want and expect in a clear and precise manner. This in turn will help faster execution of things.

Installing windows replacement: Finally, the installation day arrives and the following aspects play a crucial role in determining the time it takes to get your replacement units installed:

Number of windows: While installing a couple of standard and basic windows takes not more than a few hours of time, installing a set of more than 5 windows, or windows that are complex to install, like day or bow windows, might take one full day.

Exterior Finish: Windows with aluminum capping will take more time to install than vinyl brick mould.

Because of this high installation time, it is advisable that you speak to the team of customer care executives of your window manufacturer company and keep them informed if you have certain availability limitations on the day of installation. If there are more windows to be installed, then your window company may allocate more installers to have the installation done in time.

Post installation services: Almost all windows replacement and installation companies remove your old windows, install the new units and also clean up the work site at no additional cost.

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