Winter Energy Tips to Make Your Home More Comfortable

Winter Energy Tips to Make Your Home More Comfortable

Winter Energy Tips to Make Your Home More Comfortable

In Canada, winter brings cold temperatures, storms, and harsh winds that have a significant impact on how residents feel and what they have to do in their homes. Although it’s quite relaxing to look from a distance, it’s necessary to prepare before winter knocks at the door. In order to keep cold out, follow some simple tips and rest assured about long-lasting benefits, consisting of:

Check for Air Drafts

To begin with, inspect Canada’s windows and doors for air drafts as it’s one of the common problems that may increase energy consumption that leads to rising monthly expenses. Since the furnace would have to work twice as hard as needed, it would utilize a greater amount of energy. But the question is how to trace these drafts? What are the techniques to find out the leaking areas? The traditional method is to bring a lighted candle near different areas that are suspected. If the flame flickers or dances, it’s certain that there is a problem that needs immediate attention.

Window Caulking

Caulking refers to the protection against increased energy consumption where homeowners rest assured that their interiors would remain comfortable. However, the unfortunate thing is that best caulking can even encounter gaps or cracks, meaning that there would be decreased sealing. So, the idea should be to start from scratch and replace the old caulking with a new one.

Use Plastic Film

The use of plastic film is usually preferred for insulation during cold climates. According to the experts, insulation in Canada windows and doors with plastic films can retain heat by up to 50 percent, which is equivalent to adding extra window panels. Since the plastic film is clear, inhabitants can have a clear view of the outside.

Use Draft Blockers

Another important consideration is to use draft snakes at the bottom of Canada windows and doors in order to prevent cold air from entering or warm air from escaping the home. Want to save money? Well go for the DIY project then and roll up old towels and tie them with elastics to maintain their tube form. This method is quite a reasonable and simple way to avoid drafts and keep warmth inside the home.

Take Off Screens

Canada windows and doors are provided with sensitive screens that get damaged from the snow during harsh weather. Total Home Windows and Doors suggests taking immediate actions and taking off the screens and store in a dry, warm place so that they can be reused in the spring. This way, the screens can remain safe from weather damages and serve for a longer time period.

Just like other seasons, winter also has its own beauty and freshness that spreads happiness everywhere. However, don’t overlook the fact that homes need to work harder and so Canada windows and doors need to perform well in order to ensure efficiency and satisfaction.

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