The Innovation of Aluminum Cladding


The Innovation of Aluminum Cladding

The advancement of aluminum cladding has become an increasingly popular option in architectural projects all over the world. The versatility of this product and its ability to come in many different colors and finishes make it an ideal choice for the outside of virtually any building you can imagine. This product can give various looks despite being an aluminum product. There are several finishes available but not limited to a copper, wood, prismatic, or even futuristic appearance. Not being restricted only to the exterior of buildings, this product has become popular as a covering for standard window sizes as well.

There are different types of aluminum for different purposes. If you need a product that is malleable, you will want it to be thermo-bonded to plastic. This is the original formula and is used most widely. There is a formula that is better for buildings that have a higher risk of fire, and it is called Alucobond Plus. The brand that is the best for painting is Alucobond Axcent.

Creating Stunning Effects with Metal Cladding

One of the most preferred materials for cladding is metal, which is used in window cladding to create very beautiful architectural masterpieces. Buildings that are on the cutting edge of design are often set even more on edge by adding metal cladding to their aesthetic appearance. The installation of these types of materials requires a well-trained person to assure that the product is properly installed. There are three ways to install these metal products. Below we will list each one and describe it to give you a general knowledge of how this process works.

  • Route and Return Wet Seal: This is the most economical install. The metal clips to the building, and a silicone seal is placed between the panels to act as an air and water repellent. The downside of this money-saving install is that it leaks.
  • Route and Return Dry Seal: In the place of silicone, this install uses rubber gaskets between the panels. It is cleaner and improves structural integrity.
  • Rain Screen: This method is the most popular as well as the most efficient. It has absolutely no leak issues and increases the thermal integrity of the building. There is a slight cost increase with the outboard install versus the inboard install, but the energy savings the outboard method creates will rapidly pay it off.

When choosing your metal cladding, you are free to choose your preferences for your particular design ideas. A great way to assure that you are satisfied with the choices you have made is to create models prior to making your final purchase and preparations for installation.

We hope when you are ready to venture into your purchase of metal cladding, you will allow the professionals at Total Home Windows and Doors to assist you in your efforts.

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