Are Low E Windows the Best Choice for Energy Efficiency?


Are Low E Windows the Best Choice for Energy Efficiency?

As a Canadian homeowner, you are well aware that energy efficient windows can help lower your energy costs. But, did you know that Low-E (or low-emissivity) windows can enhance the insulation properties? Low E coated double or triple pane windows can help make an even bigger difference in lowering your heating and cooling costs.

The following article will provide insight into how low-emissivity windows are beneficial for your home. Check out our site for more info and pricing for Canada windows and doors Whitby.

What Are Low E Windows?

Low-E coatings are a microscopically thin and invisible metallic layer that is applied to window glass to limit the amount of both ultraviolet and infrared light that passes through your windows. Low E windows are beneficial in those areas with very cold climates, as they drastically reduce the amount of heat that escapes through your windows during the bitterly cold winter months.

Benefits of Low E Windows

Low E windows are known for the following benefits:

  • Lowering the dangerous effects of sunlight.
  • Maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the home no matter the outdoor conditions.
  • Shading even the hottest rooms in your home from UV light.
  • Protect your furniture and other decors from fading due to sun damage.

Types of Low E Coatings for Double and Triple Pane Windows

Hard-Coat Low E

This type of Low-E coating is referred to as “pyrolytic” due to the fact that it is produced at an extremely high temperature. In this method, a Low-E layer of indium oxide is applied to the window glass while it is still in the molten phase, hardening into an extremely durable hard coating.
Hard-coat Low-E glass is best for those who reside in colder climates, as it helps to heat your home during the winter. This is due to the fact that hard coat Low E glass permits some short-wave infrared light to enter your home while reflecting the long wave heat energy from inside your home back outside.

Soft-Coat Low E

Soft-Coat Low E glass provides the most superior solar control due to its outstanding solar control performance and low emissivity. Soft-coat Low E, or Solar Coating, is applied to pre-cut window glass in a room temperature vacuum chamber off-line. It is then sealed in a laminated or IG (insulated glass) unit.

Those who live in climates that experience both hot and cold seasons should opt for soft-coat Low E, as it provides the best UV protection. Soft-coat Low E prevents both cold and warm air from leaking outside the home by reflecting it inward.

As you can see, Low E windows have a great number of benefits to help keep your home as energy efficient as possible. In addition to Low-E coatings, double and triple pane windows can also be filled with inert gases, such as argon and krypton gasses, between the window panes for even more insulation.

Most styles of Low-E windows can be custom designed as well to match the style of any home in the Whitby area. Consider Low-E windows to keep your home at a steady temperature all year round while blowing your energy costs.

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