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Why Is It Necessary for Safety in Your Toronto Home?

Why Is It Necessary To Install High Quality Windows And Doors for Safety in Your Toronto

Why Is It Necessary for Safety in Your Toronto Home?

After from being an important part of a home’s visual appeal and energy efficiency, high quality windows and doors in Toronto are also responsible for providing safety and security. Although they are the easy source to break into the home, the openings are also used in different ways by criminals. Experts have explained some of the ways through which, burglars use windows and doors to invade a home.

Forcing Windows Open or Breaking Panes

Some burglars do not want people to catch them with lock picking tools like screwdrivers or crowbars due to which, they use rock or brick to enter the property. By following this method, they do not have to carry any suspicious thing as bricks are laying on the ground and they just have to exert pressure to break the lock.

The only downside is that burglars can be easily heard and caught by the neighbours when they are breaking the glass. So, if they want to avoid this problem, using a crowbar or screwdriver can be the most suitable way as it allows people to latch or close windows and doors Toronto.

Flimsy Doors- An Easy Target

It has been found that most of the high-quality windows and doors Toronto, used in the homes, are of low quality that encourages burglars to come and invade. Over 50% of burglars have declared the front door an easy target to access, especially when homeowners left them unlocked or do not secure the exterior gate.

Even, hollow core and sliding doors offer easy access to burglars because sliding doors are lifted off the frame, no matter if they are locked, while hollow core doors are jimmied open with an efficient lock pick set.

Safest Windows and Doors

It’s the responsibility of manufacturers to produce strong and sturdy windows and doors in Toronto so that homeowners can be rest assured about their safety and protection. Even, experts suggest to use screws and other tools that can go at least 1 or 1.5 inches into the door frame, thus ensuring that the components are properly installed. Deadbolts can also be used to increase resistance against force or kick from the burglars.

While leaving home or go on vacation, people have to make sure that the ground floor windows and doors in Toronto are properly closed and latched. Or else, if there is a need to leave the windows open, they should have burglar bars in order to restrict them from entering the property.

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