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What Style of Living Room Windows Best Suits Your Needs?

What Style of Living Room Windows Best Suits Your Needs?

What Style of Living Room Windows Best Suits Your Needs?

People notice your living room windows when entering your home. So, of course, you want to make a good first impression. In addition, your living room is probably your main living space, where you relax with your family and guests. So, you want to give off a warm and welcoming vibe.

When it comes time for window replacement, you will want to take into consideration the cost to replace windows for your living room. This, of course, hinges on the style of window you choose, as well as additional features such as locks, decorative glass, and any other custom features that you might choose.

Following are the benefits of various styles of windows to get installed in the living room.

Styles of Living Room Windows

Architectural Windows

If you wish to add a sense of drama and style to your windows, architectural windows might be your ideal choice. These stylish windows can be custom designed in any shape that you request from semi-circles to hexagons to diamonds to triangles. As well, you can opt for custom glass options such as stained glass, tinted glass or other decorative glass options. This style of window is normally paired with other window types.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are a great way to improve your curb appeal as well as open up your living room. They consist of three windows where the middle window typically does not open or close. This window is flanked by either casement or double-hung windows. They are great for living rooms with large wall space.

Bow Windows

Bow windows take bay windows to another level as they are comprised of at least four windows. They can be a combination of picture windows, casement windows, or some combination of both. They are a great source of natural light and can open up your living room.

Casement Windows

Although they are most commonly installed in kitchens and bedrooms, casement windows can be a lovely addition to your living room. As they operate with a crank and open outward on a hinge, they are an excellent source of ventilation. In addition, the handles can be installed so that they will not interfere with your living room window treatments.

Double Hung Windows

The most popular choice for living room windows, double-hung windows are designed with two operable sashes. This is great for ventilation as both window panes are operable, giving you a choice of which one to open. Also, they are easy to clean and maintain.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are the best choice for those who want an unobstructed view of the great outdoors. As well, they are the best windows for those who want their windows to provide optimum natural light. They are inoperable, so they are not an ideal choice if ventilation is your top priority.  Many homeowners installed other styles of windows, in addition to picture windows, for the sole purpose of ventilation.

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