How to Determine Window Prices by Size, Style and Other Factors


Ways to Determine Window Prices by Size, Style and Other Factors

Those who are planning to replace their windows will need to determine a budget before they begin shopping for windows. In order to get a ballpark estimate for the replacement window cost, there are several things to look at including type of installation, style of window and window prices by size.

Window replacement cost is dependent on the aforementioned factors as well as the number of panes and any custom details. Following is a guide to help you determine the cost of the windows replacement.

Window Prices by Size

Of course, the size of the window itself will factor into the final cost of windows. A small bathroom awning window will obviously cost less than a large picture window in your office or den. Moreover, custom features such as stylish window grids, an additional locking mechanism or other hardware and decorative glass or special finishes may also drive up your final window cost.

Window Prices by Window Design

Crank Windows

Crank windows are those windows that are operated with a crank. As such, they open outward and away from the window frame. Awning and casement windows are the instances of a crank window and are a popular choice amongst Canadian homeowners. In addition to being easy to operate, they are also extremely energy efficient. The cranking mechanism on this window designs encased in a compression seal making them airtight.

Overall, crank windows are more costly than other window designs. However, due to their added energy efficiency, they can save you a lot of money on energy costs, thus making them a sound investment. Crank windows provide excellent ventilation. They can be left open while preventing dust, debris and rain from entering your home.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows can be installed as sliding or hung windows. In addition, they can be either single or double windows. This window design must be open and closed manually, which makes them a more affordable option than crank windows. Due to the fact that they use weather stripping instead of a compressed seal, they are much less energy efficient than crank-style windows. However, despite this, they are a great source of air flow and natural light and are still a popular choice for both modern and traditional Canadian homes.

Window Prices by Installation Method

Full-Frame Window Installation

Full frame window installation is performed when the current window frame is damaged beyond repair. This means that the existing frame is rotted, warped or otherwise damaged and is in need of replacement. In this process, both the frame and the window are to be replaced including the jambs, trim, brick moulding and window panes. This option is, of course, more costly, but replacement windows will last a long time and are highly energy efficient.

Retrofit Window Installation

Retrofit window installation is appropriate in the event when your existing window frames are still in working condition. In this process, the new window panes are directly installed into the current window frame. As such, the jambs and window frame itself will remain intact. This is obviously more cost-effective than the full frame installation. However, retrofit installation is only an option if your existing windows are still in good condition.

Still have questions regarding window prices by size or any other factor? Contact your local windows and doors company for a free quote for replacement windows today!

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