Tops Brands for Modern Doors


Tops Brands for Modern Doors

After deciding to change exterior doors, the first consideration is to know about reputable and quality brands that ensure efficiency and satisfactory performance in the long run. An extensive market research may leave homeowners with many options they wouldn’t have imagined. Obviously, they could not select all of them and have to pick the most suitable one. But, the question is that how to proceed with the decision making process and make sure that things would work as per expectations?

Total Home Windows and Doors is 24/7 available to help homeowners in whatever way they want. Their specialists try to make all efforts to simplify things so that people can get appropriate solutions. When it comes to identifying appropriate brands, here is what they have got:

Verre Select 

In order to get high quality modern exterior doors, Verre Select turns out to be an ideal option. They are equipped with numerous features that let the brand to stand out in the market. The best thing is that they offer originality and diversity in designs, meaning that homeowners can choose from V-groove, decorative glass, vast glass, silkscreen and welded and non-welded.

With an elegant style, Verre Select exterior doors have executive panels and Dynasite moldings that let owners to find sophistication and uniqueness in one piece. Even, the brand meets Energy Star criterion and insulation requirements to create a peaceful and comfortable environment.


When it comes to having modern exterior doors with simplicity, Novatech tops the list as it has ornate décor and contemporary style. It does not allow homeowners to sacrifice on aesthetics and functionality or in other words, it has got efficiency to satisfy all types of homes’ requirements.

The latest collection of Novatech modern exterior doors is made up of steel and is provided with clean lines that offer durability and reliability. People can choose stained glass panels having zinc, brass or patina casings.


With Dorplex exterior doors, people can welcome natural light without having to sacrifice over their privacy and protection. Some may have concerns about glass panels in the doors but, the reality is that no one could look through the glass. The designs can be given intricate patterns for elegant panels that enhance overall appeal and efficiency of the home.

The glass pieces are usually handcrafted that give uniqueness to the property. Homeowners can easily feel the difference in custom-made work as compared to machine-produced materials.


If someone wants to add features according to his/her own requirements, Total Home Windows and Doors suggests to go for customization. The company also offers installation services, thus allowing inhabitants to live a comfortable life.

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