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How to Understand the Difference Between Bay Windows and Bow Windows


How to Understand the Difference Between Bay Windows and Bow Windows

Since every homeowner wants to create uniqueness in his home, they usually use modern window placements and angles to meet all types of requirements. When it comes to the window types, bay or bow windows can be selected. Sometimes, people consider the terms as synonyms, what they do not realize is that there are some key differences between the two windows types that are responsible for providing unique benefits and facilities. So, when people go for selection between bay or bow windows, it is necessary to compare their elements and evaluate which model could be a suitable one.

At Total Home Windows and Doors, every product is provided with high quality material that ensures incredible performance. Their manufactured bow windows allow homeowners to create a comfortable and relaxing place where, inhabitants can spend a quality time. What else make bay windows and bow windows worthy of investment? Why is it necessary to compare the two types? Here are the answers:

Bay Windows

Bay windows are normally manufactured with three window glass panels whose sizes depend upon the design and style required to fit into the openings. Here, the thing to keep in mind is that not all windows are of the same size, meaning that standard bay windows have larger center panel with small panels on both sides. The side windows are called flankers and placed at an angle between 30 and 30 degrees. The windows are intended to work as double hung in order to increase ventilation in the home.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are available in three to size glass panels, having a gradual curve design that makes it different from sharp angles present in bay windows. Installing this type of windows can give maximum ventilation and curb appeal to the home because their panels are usually wider than bay windows. However, the downside is that people would have to use more hardware than usual, which means there would be objects obstructing the view.


Total Home Windows and Doors use to explain that both window types are capable of increasing worth of the property. Since windows are considered as the focal point for any room, people should have to make sure that their design and functionality is up to the mark. Larger windows can make the rooms brighter and give spacious feel along with highlighting the beautiful outside view.


The designs of bay and bow windows are quite interesting and elegant that keep the rooms brighter and refreshing throughout the year. They have the ability to enhance outside beautiful with their unobstructed and clear view. With 180-degree arch, the designs can create a wider view, thus ensuring comfort and peace of mind.

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