Understanding Windows choosing and Making Appropriate Decisions

Understanding Windows Replacement and Making Appropriate Decisions

Understanding Windows choosing and Making Appropriate Decisions

Apart from the obvious indications of window choosing, there are a lot of other problems that may arise the need of having new windows. How to find out the right time to make a change? Total Home Windows and Doors suggests to figure out the root cause of whether the windows are faulty or not. Here are some clues that indicate life expectancy of the components:

  • Poor Performance: Basic operations like opening and closing become difficult with the passage of time, particularly when it comes to double-hung windows because they cannot hold their place for so long. When the problem persists, homeowners experience air leaks/drafts around the frames or seals are damaged/cracked that create condensation between the glass panes.
  • Frame cracking or warping: This problem results in air/water leakage and insects getting into the home. There may be water stains or moisture penetrating through the windows.
  • Rising Utility Bills: Another reason of windows replacement may be increase in energy consumption that leads to rise in utility expenses. Although homeowners employ heating/cooling system, there are still some problems in maintaining ideal temperature inside.
  • Excessive Age: After around 10 years of working, every window type starts to deteriorate and needs later on.

Once the factors of inefficiency are clear, it is necessary to determine the best possible course of action. Below are a few mistakes that homeowners usually make:

Price-Based Decision

As the saying goes ‘You get what you pay for,’ Total Home Windows and Doors recommends not to save money if a manufacturer is charging a bit high than others. They have to remember that there is a brief discussion and consideration behind setting the amount that particularly revolves around quality and associated benefits. If someone wants customers to pay more dollars, it’s quite obvious that the quality and efficiency is quite better than the rest and so, homeowners can have peace of mind that the selected components would work efficiently. Some common reasons behind high prices are imported window parts, limited installation type, subcontracted window installers, manual vs automated labor and not to mention the brand name.

Selecting the Same Type

After spending a certain time with one type of windows replacement, most of the homeowners are quite satisfied with the brand and its services and so, some of them opt to go for the same option while removing the old ones. What they do not realize is that every year brings new technologies while old models become obsolete and so, the problems may still exist if chosen again.

Total Home Windows and Doors used to suggest that homeowners should consider some key features to select appropriate options. Those features are Energy Star certification, Tilt-in windows (for ease in cleaning), Low-E coated window glass, external low maintenance (fiberglass or vinyl), warranty guarantees, double or triple panes, Krypton or Argon gas between the panes and wooden interior for painting or staining.

Ignoring Maintenance Requirements

Maintaining old windows is a costly, time consuming and challenging part that needs expertise and skills to avoid making the same mistakes afterwards. While hiring experts for understanding windows choosing, avoid choosing steel and wood windows as they need repair after a few years every time. They usually need re-painting or staining and so, experts suggest to go for vinyl, clad wood or aluminum windows.

Not Considering Glazing Options

Latest technologies have brought a lot of revolution in the industry that usually revolve around window glass. Although conventional clear glass options are still available, experts recommend to go for new glazing options that have specialized finishes as per certain purposes. Whether homeowners need tinted, decorative, reflective, textured, low-E or heat absorbing options, Total Home Windows and Doors have got everything.

Other than that, there are lot more mistakes to avoid. Just be sure to take good care of the components.

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