When Is the Best Time to Buy Windows? Advice for Homeowners

When Is the Best Time to Buy Windows? Advice for Homeowners

When Is the Best Time to Buy Windows? Advice for Homeowners

What is the best time to buy windows? In spring, when the weather is warm but not too hot? What about fall, when there is a cool breeze? Is winter not an ideal time to replace windows due to the colder weather? When should you get your windows replaced?

Most homeowners choose a plan for window replacement in the spring or even in the summer. But some prefer autumn or even early winter. The following article will offer advice as to the ideal time to buy new windows for your home

Some contractors will advise you to replace your windows during the winter if you properly protect your home from exposure to the elements. However, cold air will inevitably enter your home, so it is best to avoid replacing windows at this time of year. 

Fall is a popular time to buy windows. This is because, unlike spring and summer, the air is cooler and not as humid. Moreover, you will not be exposing your home to the bitter cold air that comes along with winter. Replacing your windows during the winter can cause an increase in your energy bills, as you will have to turn up the heat higher than usual to keep your home comfortable and warm. 

In addition, your home’s foundation tends to shift during the winter. This exposes cracks, which can make replacing your windows more challenging. While an experienced contractor can handle this task, it does require specialized tools and additional hours, which can negatively impact the cost of the installation process. 

For this reason, fall and spring are ideal times for window installation. However, the peak months for window replacement are April and May, so it might be harder to schedule an appointment. 

Should You Decide to Replace Your Windows in the Winter, Keep the Following Points in Mind:

  • Make arrangements to stay with a friend or relative when the installation is taking place to prevent exposing yourself or your family members to colder temperatures. 
  • Book the window installation early in the day. This will ensure that both the tools and materials needed for the process are given ample time to get warm so that they expand properly. 
  • Ask for caulking that is silicone-based rather than latex or acrylic, as silicone is more effective at weatherproofing during colder temperatures. 
  • Have the contractor install only one window at a time. In this way, only one area of your home is exposed to the cold during that time frame.

Pro Tip: To Ensure Proper Delivery, the Best Time to Buy Windows is two to Three Months Before the Installation Date

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