Difference Between Single and Double Hung Window Units Explained


Difference Between Single and Double Hung Window Units Explained

Window replacement is among necessary and significant projects that usually need a huge money as well as time investment. Whether it’s about purchasing for a new home or replacing the old ones, homeowners are required to start with searching for the best possible window type. It should look and work well so that there could be 100% satisfaction and efficiency.

While looking for recommendations, owners would come across a wide collection, particularly awning windows, casement windows, bay and bow windows, vertical sliding windows and single hung and double hung windows. Although every type has its own significance and features, Total Home Windows and Doors suggests to either go with single hung or double hung window units because of the following factors:

Single Hung Windows

Single-hung windows are provided with two sashes of which, one is fixed while other moves. Vertical components usually have upper stationary sash while lower sash is movable that opens for air infiltration. The sash tilts inward for cleaning and could be a good option to ensure efficiency at reasonable price.

Double Hung Windows

Just like single hung, double hung window units have two sashes but both are operable and can be raised or lowered for ventilation. The best thing is that they are quite easy to clean and maintain.

Which Type to Select?

Selection depends upon various factors. Most of the time, single hung window units can satisfy all needs. They are energy efficiency, easy to clean, cost effective and simple to operate. However, double hung can work for properties that want two operable sashes for easy access and ventilation. In other words, homeowners can choose whatever type they want. All they have to do is to consider what their properties ask for.

With years of experience, Total Home Windows and Doors prides to offer high quality windows that are capable of working in any condition. Their single hung and double hung windows can withstand extreme temperatures and offer premium features at reasonable prices. They are provided with additional chambers to provide maximum insulation, structural rigidity, sound abatement and thermal efficiency. With double-walled sashes, quadruple weather-stripping, interior glazing bead and double-walled handle head, performance and durability is guaranteed.


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