Facts About International vs. Local Window Company

Facts About International vs. Local Window Company

International vs. Local Window Company Facts

If you are like most Canadians, you want to purchase all of your consumer products from a local vendor. This includes such home renovation products as windows and doors. But, not every component is, in fact, manufactured on Canadian soil. So, how do you tell if your products come from a local window company?

In the following article, we shall discuss the differences between local and international companies. This can help you when the time to install new doors and windows Oshawa comes.

Manufacturing Process

To give you a better idea of local window manufacturers vs. international ones, here are a few pertinent facts about how windows are manufactured:

  • Some window companies use cut vinyl sections that are sized for framing their windows overseas. 
  • Hardware is then attached to the window frame.
  • In order to remove excess water, drain holes must be drilled into the window frame.
  • Next, the corners are melded to one another to seal the frame.
  • Then, the screen spacers are added and caulked to provide sufficient insulation.
  • The spline is then fit into the channel to hold the screen in place.
  • The interior frame sashes and seals properly sized and installed.
  • The sash hardware is firmly installed.
  • The window glass is then firmly secured in the sash and sealed with low-E coating and or inert gases for added insulation (this is often done overseas and shipped to local window company, but not in all cases).
  • Operational hardware and locking mechanisms are properly secured. In some cases, these are outsourced from such areas as China, Turkey, or the US.

Windows Labeled as “Product of Canada” vs. Those “Made in Canada”

The Competition Bureau Canada has established strict guidelines to determine whether a product is labeled as “made in Canada” or “product of Canada.“

In order to be distinguished as a “product of Canada,” a product must meet the following criteria:

  • The final substantial step in the assembly/manufacturing process must have taken place on Canadian soil.
  • At least 985 of the overall cost for production must have taken place in Canada.

To be labeled as “made in Canada,” the following guidelines must be met:

  • The final major transformation of the said product must have taken place in Canada.
  • 51% of the production cost (at least) must have happened on Canadian soil.
  • The item must possess a qualifying statement that includes very specific details about the origin of manufacturing (i.e. manufactured in Canada with parts that have been imported).

It is best to purchase those products that have been manufactured by a local window replacement company, as they will adhere to Energy Star guidelines as well as windows that are designed for the particular climate zone in which you reside.

Contact Total Home Windows and Doors when the time for window replacement comes. We can tell you which products have been locally manufactured to ensure better energy efficiency and functionality for your windows. Call us today to set up a time to discuss new windows and doors for your Aurora area home.

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